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GNS3 is a tool designed to be able to simulate how a data network works before it is put together. Download GNS3 for free to simulate your network projects


Design a network and simulate how it works

August 23, 2021
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When it comes to designing any computer network is essential to know beforehand how it is going to work, because they usually have a high cost. To be able to simulate the interaction between the different elements which will finally form part of the networks you can use GNS3.

Have access to the information graphically

With GNS3 (Graphic Network Simulation) the user will have the possibility to be able to choose each of the elements which will form part of a computer network.

By means of the different objects which GNS3 offers, the user will be able to select the different variants of node which will interconnect the network, with possibility to add:

  • All kinds of routers, depending on the ISO used.
  • PIX and ASA Firewalls.
  • Juniper Routers.
  • Ethernet switches.
  • ATM bridges and switches.
  • And more...

Additionally, the users will have the possibility to configure all the parameters of each of these elements, in such a way that they will know with total certainty which response they will have, once they start working.

Download GNS3 for free to now beforehand how a network will work thanks to simulation.

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