Serafín Jiménez

Serafín Jiménez

About me…

I balance my degree in Labor Sciences and my specializations in Risk Prevention and HR (Master's Degree) with my love for videogames, technology and, especially, writing. This passion (and the occasional literary award) led me to try my hand at writing content for the video game industry. Since then, I have been dedicating myself to this job for over 8 years. Combining it, of course, with writing content for different companies in the commercial and technological sector.

I have always thought that words are the best tool to describe what surrounds us. And a picture is NOT always worth a thousand words. Not at least when you know how to use the right ones. I love testing apps, testing videogames, and tinkering with hardware. So yes, I consider myself a technophile, but with a rather nomadic profile. A die-hard Murakamian, a fan of Terry Pratchett as a philosophy of life, and a born Pynchonian in mundobola since '81.

Sometimes, it's best to light a flamethrower than to curse the darkness.
Some short questions…
  • What operating system do you prefer or use the most?

    I'm a Windows guy. However, in recent years, both my personal and professional life revolves around Android.

  • In your opinion, which is the best mobile operating system?

    I'm an Android guy. Especially since, as a business owner in the industry, I learned about the quirks, requirements, and demands of the almighty Apple.

  • What application is a must on your computer?

    Chrome and Photoshop.

  • And on your smartphone?

    WhatsApp, Facebook, and email clients.

  • Do you have a favourite game?

    Everything related to The Legend of Zelda (I have the Triforce tattooed on my neck for a reason).

  • Fond of social networks? Which is your favourite?

    I like to lose myself assiduously in social networks. However, it is increasingly difficult to find healthy and hate-free spaces. Lately, I've been hanging out more on X (Twitter).

  • If you had to choose, which would you say has been the greatest technological invention of the last century?

    Without a doubt, smartphones.

  • Who do you consider has contributed most towards the development of software?

    The question is too open-ended. However, within the video games industry, I would go for a creative genius of the stature of Shigeru Miyamoto.

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