The Torrent download protocol lets you download all types of files easily and quickly. Two of the most popular torrent download managers are uTorrent and BitTorrent. If you are wondering which one to use, in this article, we compare them so you can make the right decision.

How uTorrent and BitTorrent are similar

From the moment we start installing both applications, we realize that they are virtually the same. The uTorrent setup interface is simple and clear, although we must be careful if we do not want to end up installing additional programs.

Installing uTorrentInstalling uTorrent

Similarly, when installing BitTorrent, we will also be invited to install so-called utilities. In any case, the process and design are exactly the same.

Installing BitTorrentInstalling BitTorrent

When we start both applications, their interfaces are like two peas in a pod. On the left, we find a series of shortcuts, including the Upgrade to Pro, present in both software. You also have a statistics section at the bottom of the screen that provides the same information in both uTorrent and BitTorrent. You can personally judge the similarities by looking at the uTorrent interface.

uTorrent's main screenuTorrent's main screen

Using the image below, you can compare it to the BitTorrent image.

BitTorrent's main screenBitTorrent's main screen

The similarities continue if we navigate to their respective preference sections. Obviously, you can reach them in the same way: using the shortcut CTRL + P, or in the Options menu, and then, in Preferences. The image below shows the list of uTorrent settings.

Configuring uTorrentConfiguring uTorrent

Now, you can play to spot the 7 differences with the BitTorrent preferences window. Spoiler alert, you will not be able to find them.

Configuring BitTorrentConfiguring BitTorrent

At this point, we must admit that, except for small details, both applications are exactly the same. This is because both uTorrent and BitTorrent belong to the same company, BitTorrent Inc. In fact, the original application is the second one, launched in 2001. Five years later, in 2006, the company bought uTorrent.

How uTorrent and BitTorrent uTorrent differ

Although it is not possible to find obvious differences between the two applications, some features differentiate them. For example, uTorrent is an open-source program that gets numerous updates.

Also, it can run from a removable disk, facilitating the management in different devices. Also, uTorrent has less impact on our device's storage space, and BitTorrent is also a heavier program. Additionally, uTorrent can be a good option for Linux users, thanks to Wine's official support. On the other hand, uTorrent has been accused of mining crypto-currencies using our computer's resources, and BitTorrent has not.

As for the possibility of eliminating advertising and unlocking some extra functions, we found significant differences. uTorrent has a Pro mode that adds greater security, eliminates advertising, provides user support, and even lets you stream any torrent. In contrast, BitTorrent has three payment options. The cheaper one, which eliminates ads, the Pro, that adds all those features already mentioned in uTorrent, and the Pro + VPN, that improves the download speed and creates anonymous and private connections through VPN.

Finally, on a much more trivial topic, uTorrent includes a very entertaining Easter egg and BitTorrent does not. If you go to the About uTorrent section and click on the letter T, you can play a classic video game, Tetris.

Easter egg in BitTorrentEaster egg in BitTorrent

As you can see, the decision depends on small factors, so many users will use both indiscriminately. If you are not looking for any specific option, any of them will be useful to download files.