BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android computer emulators. In essence, it is like having a tablet or a virtual phone on your computer (either a Mac or a PC) so that you can use it to run all kinds of applications designed for the green robot operating system from your computer.

However, the use for which BlueStacks is best known is none other than playing mobile video games on the PC, using a controller, or the traditional combination of keyboard and mouse. In fact, games are the specialty of BlueStacks. Thanks to its tab system, we can even have several games open at once.

Note that BlueStacks has a direct connection to Google Play so you can download everything you need, but you can also use external servers (like ours) to get the APK files you need. You can even upload your own, if you are an Android application developer.

In short, BlueStacks is like having an Android device, with all its functionalities replicated, on your PC screen. It is not the only one of its kind (there are also AndyOS and Nox, to give two examples of its most direct competition), but as we said above, it is undoubtedly one of the most used Android emulators worldwide.

Having an emulator like this one installed on your computer has its advantages: do you want to try an application before installing it on your phone? BlueStacks offers you a controlled environment where you can do it. Do you want to keep up with your progress in your favorite mobile games without exhausting the battery of your device? With BlueStacks, you can continue to play comfortably seated in front of your PC. It is the best option to enjoy your favorite Android content without having to resort to a physical device.