AVI ReComp


AVI ReComp is a simple tool with which you will be able to edit the features of all of your videos. Download AVI ReComp and easily edit all your subtitles


Easily edit the ratio and subtitles of your AVI files

February 15, 2019
8 / 10

Video files are generally files that we find very difficult to edit their properties because it's usually necessary to use complex applications, that require specific knowledge in the video editing field.

Software to edit AVI files

Now, thanks to AVI ReComp, you'll be able to edit the resolution, size, watermark, subtitles or the frame formed by the two horizontal black lines in the 16:9 format, in a simple way and without having specific video editing knowledge.

The application uses the latest versions of VirtualDubMod, AviSynth and Xvid to process the files, but the best thing is that we will have access to these tools from a very clear and intuitive interface, where we'll only have to indicate the properties that we want the video to have and wait for the program to finish processing it.

AVI ReComp is compatible with the MP3, WAV, AC3, DTS and OGG audio formats, as well as the TXT, SUB, SRT, ASS and SSA subtitle files.

If you want to adapt your AVI files to another size, add a watermark or include subtitles without any problem, download AVI ReComp now, a simple and completely free application.

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