BlackICE PC Protection

BlackICE PC Protection is a quality firewall. Download the application BlackICE PC Protection and protect your system against dangerous intrusions

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Making sure that any computer has the maximum protection lies in getting help from those that attack you in theory. None other than those people that get a kick from trying to enter that most complicated computer systems designed this brilliant security software.

Powerful firewall to protect your PC

As soon as it is installed, BlackICE PC Protection searches and scans all the applications installed on the PC to find out if any of them can be causing a security risk, after that, it will keep track of all the network connections, data sent to and from, in search of any behavior that could be interpreted as malicious or as an insecure connection.

If any problem is detected, the program causing it will automatically be blocked and the security software will wait for instructions, thus managing to stop trojans, spammers and other bothersome problems. This firewall's configuration options are very powerful and complete, so if you need a security application that is customizable and prepared for everything, BlackICE PC Protection can be an option worth taking into account.

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