BMW M3 Challenge


BMW M3 Challenge offers an excellent sports driving sensation. Download BMW M3 Challenge free on your computer and enjoy driving a BMW M3 around Nürburgring


Experience the sports driving sensations offered by BMW M3

December 2, 2009
8 / 10

Upon the request of BMW, computer users have the possibility to play BMW M3 Challenge. A car simulator that will allow the user to drive in a very realistic manner one of the most appreciated cars designed by the German company: the BMW M3 sports car.

BMW M3 Challenge offers any user the possibility to experience the incredible sensation of driving this incredible sports car, and enjoy even the slightest detail, because the most important part of this car racing video game is the amazing realism, in both the recreation of the car and its driving manoeuvres.

Main features

  • Realistic driving.
  • Detailed vehicle representation.
  • Possibility to use different view angles.
  • Recreation of the Nürburgring GP circuit (Germany).

If you like car races, speed and want to try out one of the most incredible sports cars of the last few years, download BMW M3 Challenge, and enjoy this experience for free.

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