Bus Driver

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Bus Driver is a driving simulator in which you will have to sit behind the wheel of a bus, that will have to drive around the city without any error


Take on the role of a bus driver

January 28, 2019
7 / 10

The vast majority of driving simulators on the market allow you to handle very powerful vehicles, with which it's possible to be able to drive around tracks or cities at full speed, but on very few occasions do titles that are as original as Bus Driver see the light. In this game you have to take control of a bus and drive around the city, stopping where necessary and transporting the clients in the most efficient way.

A driving game different to anything seen before

The game offers a range of 12 buses (school, intercity, city,...) and more than 30 different routes, something that will make sure that you enjoy the game for hours on end. The graphical environment is rather appealing and the scenarios are fully animated, thanks to weather changes and a variety of different cars in the traffic.

During the game you'll have to complete different phases, like taking a group of children to school, completing tourist routes or transporting convicts to jail, thus the game will vary depending on your driving level.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo can be enjoyed for 1 hour.
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