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Carry out all kinds of audio file conversions or rip CDs with dBpoweramp Music Converter. Download dBpoweramp Music Converter free on your computer

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Considered one of the best audio converters that exists, dBpoweramp Music Converter doesn't try to win users over by means of an interface that is very graphic and nice, it does so by means of an incredible conversion quality and including all the functions that a good converter must have.

  One of the first things that stands out of dBpoweramp Music Converter is that if we want to convert an MP3 to another compatible format (like MP4, M4A, WMA, OGG, Monkey's Audio, AAC, FLAC or ALC) we can only select the file. There is no graphic interface to move through. This makes the process a lot more dynamic, because the method is very simple: as soon as the program is launched, before starting any interface, we will have to select the files to be converted, after that the conversion options and to finishing the process we will only have to wait a few seconds while the conversion engine processes the data as we have indicated.

  The dBpoweramp Music Converter pack really installs three applications, all of which are related with music conversion. The usual converter, a CD ripper that connects to different data services to fill in the metadata tags of the MP3 files, including the covers, and another program that allows to search on the disc and convert large quantities of files simultaneously.

  This software integrates perfectly into Windows, even in the context menu, furthermore, it allows to add sound effects during the conversions and as an additional feature, it is capable of taking full advantage of multiple core processors that most PCs have nowadays.
Requirements and additional information:
The MP3 Codec is a 30 day trial, after which it will deactivate. The rest of the codecs will still be available from the application
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