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2.15 Downloading videos from YouTube is quite a common action. By downloading Direct Youtube Downloader for free you can do so much easier and in 4K quality
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We've all had the need to download a video from YouTube at any given moment to be able to watch without consuming Internet data on our mobile if we can't connect to a WiFi network, or to be able to listen to music for free (just admit it, we've all done it before).

Direct Youtube Downloader for PC, also known as D.V.D. (as you can see, quite a witty name), allows us to download videos from YouTube and Vimeo, two of the main video streaming webs at present. It's true that there are hundreds of similar applications, but this one has a rather simple interface and it allows us to download videos at 2160p, which means a 4K resolution.

Quickly download all the videos from a channel or playlist.

Imagine that you've just found a channel with loads of videos with knitting techniques and tricks, and you want to download them all to have them on your tablet. Don't worry, there's no need to go video by video, you only need to insert the name of the YouTube channel in the search bar, press Load, and it will load all the videos.

How does Direct Youtube Downloader work?

The program is very simple to use as you can see below:

  • If you want to download a single video, paste the URL of that video in the search bar (you'll have to search for it previously in your browser).
  • To download a full playlist, past the URL in the search bar.
  • In the case of wanting to download all the videos of a channel, simply type the name of the channel into the search bar.
  • If there are videos from a list or channel that you don't want to download, simply click on them to remove them from the download list.
  • Choose the resolution from the options in the left bottom corner.
  • Select the download folder where the files will be saved on your PC.
  • Press Download to start to download everything waiting in the Queue tab.
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