Dreams of Desire


Dreams of Desire is an adult conversational adventure in which you will have to help our leading man hook up with all the women who cross his path

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Dreams of Desire is the typical kind of adult conversational game which was so popular during the graphical adventure boom a few years back and now it is booming again thanks to the visual novel engine Ren'Py.

Enjoy the summer like crazy

That is the the protagonist's objective. This game for Windows, also available in Android version, tells the typical story of 'unbridled love'. The young man has raging hormones, has just finished high school but, instead of having before him a nice university life surrounded by women (another classic in these games), he is two or three months away from ending up in a military academy to which his father is sending him, which will just be a farmyard full of cocks.

That is why, while he can, the only thing he wants to do is meet and date (euphemism) all the women he can before his buddy, starting with his pretty and unattainable house-mate. As ever, to carry out the 'quests' he will have to make the right decisions and hold conversations without getting straight to the point or he will get the brush off and end up in his room with only his right hand for company.

Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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