Dropbox is a completely safe application. In other words, it does not contain any viruses or malware and therefore will not damage your devices. In addition to having secure applications, the service itself is also secure. Thus, there is a very low risk of data loss. There are at least four reasons to trust that our information is safe.

First of all, Dropbox protects our documents with an innovative encryption system. Each file we store is fragmented into smaller blocks and encrypted individually. When files are modified, only the blocks affected are synchronized. This way, fraudulent deciphering a document stored in Dropbox is very difficult.

Secondly, the file transfer is done under the SSL protocol. As a result, it is possible to create a secure tunnel protected by AES encryption of at least 128 bits. Therefore, we can be sure that uploading and syncing files in Dropbox are totally safe.

Thirdly, it offers the possibility of activating two-step verification. Thus, when we access our space, it will be necessary to enter a security code that we will receive on our phone via text message. This code is also used to link new devices or sign in to the Android app. This way, no one will be able to access our account, even if they know our password.

And finally, all our documents are private. Meaning that other users cannot see what we store without our permission. As our data belongs to us, we have the right to delete it, modify it, or move it to other services. It is necessary to clarify at this point that Dropbox processes, analyses and examines our data. Also, in 2013 the company was included in a list of technology companies that collaborate with the United States National Security Agency in the espionage of user data.

After this analysis, it is clear that Dropbox offers a very well protected service. However, as a user, we can also contribute to improving security. For example, we should choose a unique password that we do not use on any other service. Be aware that you may suffer phishing attacks, so never give out your personal information by email. Also, you need to keep an eye on who you share your files or folders with. By adding these actions to Dropbox's security, we will prevent unwanted people from getting our personal information.