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eMule Plus is a version of the popular file exchange software that includes various additional improvements. Take advantage to download eMule Plus free

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eMule Plus is a variant of the famous eMule, so as most people will know, we are talking about a P2P, also known as peer to peer, file sharing application.

  As we have said, it is based on eMule, but it's a lot better in several aspects, like for example the graphical environment, it includes improved icons, three dimensional download bar, flags for languages, etc.

  If we add an improved user interface, an environment that's much easier and more intuitive to use, we can reach the conclusion that we aren't only speaking about a decent improvement of the original eMule application, but an incredible file sharing and downloading application in itself. eMule Plus is a completely free application, that is totally free of any kind of virus, spyware or adware.

  As well as the feature that we have already mentioned, the following are also interesting:

  - Improved preview of the files at half download.
- Improved personalized category treatment, allowing us to know how many download there are in each of them.
- False file check (download that aren't really what we wanted to download).
- Large file support.
- Improved download algorithm, called ICR (Intelligent Chunk Request).
- Includes its own web server to manage eMule Plus on the computer.
- Improved and renewed search engine.
- Malicious user banning system.

  eMule Plus doesn't require you to have eMule installed to work.
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Antony Peel
eMule Plus
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