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Flight Simulator is one of the most popular flight simulators. Download Flight Simulator and pilot more than 15 different planes in various scenarios

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Flight simulators try to simulate, as realistically as possible, the experience of piloting an airplane with all its controls and all the difficulty that this implies. In the video game market there are many flight simulator titles, among which we have to put emphasis on FlightGear and the popular Flight Simulator by Microsoft, also known as FS.

Fligh Simulator submerges us into the world of plane piloting, thanks to its 3D graphics and its new light effects. Furthermore, it includes improvements to the way it deals with shadows, the texturing of the buildings and terrain, and the presentation of weather phenomena.

Main features

  • Brilliant civil flight simulator in three dimensions, with great graphic quality.
  • Possibility to use a flight instructor, to make the learning a lot easier.
  • Maximum detail in all environments, that include real life satellite images.
  • Realistic simulation of weather phenomena and light effects.
  • More that 15 plane models to choose from and more than 35 airports.
  • Includes more than 30 missions.

If you want to feel what it is like to pilot a Boeing 737, Havilland Beaver, Grumman Goose or Cessna 172, download Flight Simulator.

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