FlightGear is a free flight simulator, one of the most complete on the market. Download FlightGear free and help develop the framework of this GPL software

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Commercial flight simulators generally lack options to expand their functionalities, which means that they often fail to meet the needs of many people interested in a framework that they can change at will. FlightGear was born with the purpose of covering this market area.

A feasible alternative to commercial flight simulators.

FlightGear is a flight simulator that aims to be a cornerstone among applications, the framework of which is used and developed for use in academic environments, for pilot training, as a valid tool in the aerospace engineering industry or just for fun.


  • Open source flight simulator focused on developing its framework for new applications.
  • Offers three different models of primary flight dynamics developed by professionals: JSBSim, YASim and UIUC (used by NASA for computer simulations).
  • More than 20,000 airports with all kinds of details.
  • World map with a high degree of detail, including visual elements such as cities, geographical features, etc..
  • Time of day perfectly implemented, respecting the position of the sun, moon or stars among many other things.

Model your own airplane

FlightGear offers aircraft models such as the 1903 Wright Flyer, a Boeing 747 or A320, but you can also design and model your personal airplane. You will have the tools to create fully operational aircraft and design interactive cabins in 3D, respecting the actual behavior of real flight instruments.

Download FlightGear for free, an open source flight simulator perfect to fly the skies. Another great thing about it, is that it doesn't require a lot of the computer's power to run.

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