How Fortnite works on Android

Fortnite for Android, just like the version for iPhone, despite being a mobile edition of the famous battle royale game, is based on an identical gameplay system to that of the video console and PC versions. Mainly because all versions, regardless of the platform on which the user plays the game, share the same servers.

Therefore, in Fortnite mobile we’ll be parachuted onto the battlefield on an island, where we’ll have to fight in battle royale mode against another 99 players. In other words, we’ll take part in combats trying to be the last players standing.

We can move around the island making use of the map and there we’ll find all sorts of resources such as weapons that we can use to wipe out our enemies. In turn, we can build and improve our shelters where we can hide and defend ourselves against our rivals, as well as being able to craft different objects. That makes it similar to other video games of the likes of Minecraft, where we can make new weapons and tools using the objects we have at hand.

Neither should we forget that there’s an in-app store from where we can purchase new clothes and accessories to customize our character to the maximum extent.

Nevertheless, we should bear one thing in mind when it comes to playing on a smartphone or tablet: video console and PC players can have a certain advantage over mobile gamers. Mainly because they can play with a keyboard or gamepad, which has many more possibilities than touchscreen controls on a mobile device (unless we connect a Bluetooth gamepad, of course.)