How to make Fortnite run faster

Fortnite usually runs at 60 frames per second but it can be optimized to go faster by changing different configuration options. For such purpose, in the first place, we have to go to the settings menu where we can find different windows with the parameters to be modified.

In the case of the video settings, we have to carry out the following adjustments:

  • Full-screen window mode.
  • The lower the screen resolution, the higher the FPS. We’ll gain in speed but we’ll lose resolution.
  • Stable FPS at 60 frames per second. After this adjustment, the FPS marker will be deactivated.
  • Low-quality image.
  • 3D resolution at 480p.
  • Near-field vision.
  • Anti-aliasing disabled.
  • Low textures.
  • Low post-processing.
  • Disable the vertical synchronization, the movement blur, and the grass sample.

With regard to the sound, although it’s not so important for the game’s smoothness, it also has a significant impact. We obviously recommend you to disable whatever you don’t really need.

As we can see, running a smoother game involves giving up on certain aspects that have to do with the image’s quality. We have to bear in mind that preserving the maximum quality will affect our device’s performance because it might not be capable of meeting all of the hardware demands that are necessary.

On the contrary, if we wanted to increase the FPS because our hardware is capable of running the game at the highest speed possible, we’d simply have to carry out the following modifications:

  • Anti-aliasing disabled, except for the gamma correction.
  • Anisotropic filter disabled.
  • Only one screen selected in the multi-screen acceleration mode.
  • Tessellation disabled.
  • Frame Rate Control now also disabled.
  • 3D configuration established as optimal.