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Improve your site's SEO positioning in Google

March 24, 2014
7 / 10

Free Monitor for Google, by CleverStat, is a free useful SEO positioning tool that will allow you to control the position of a web page in this ranking based on keywords. Thanks to this program you'll be able to monitor the position of a web page in Google, the most used search engine worldwide.

Tool to improve your positioning on Google

This application is of special usefulness for webmasters or SEO specialists, whose work requires this kind of task. It includes a useful option by means of which it's possible to carry out different keyword searches simultaneously and thus compare the results with one option or another.

Free Monitor for Google has two different use modes. On the one hand, you'll have the possibility to carry out searches for a keyword and observe its positioning within the search engine compared to the rest of the existing results. In the second option, the software allows you to input various words and check the position for each of them, with the possibility to show the positioning history. It supports 50 regional data centers, something that will allow you to limit the search geographically by countries. Try to become the first in Google's lists!

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