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Do you remember the classic board game 'Who is it'? Well, now you can relive the experience on your Android device with the new game Guess who am I


A free version of the classic 'Who is it'

December 31, 2021
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That iconic board game was an ideal way to learn to describe people, but it was also the cause of many fights and huge discussions. Now you can relive the wonderful experiences of your childhood with this digital version of the game, which comes under a different name (perhaps for copyright reasons).

Ask the right questions and answers and guess who your character is.

What is your character?

The mechanics of the game consist of asking questions based on the physique of people and cross out boxes on the list until you have enough information to guess who is hiding behind the card of the character that your opponent has chosen. Does he have a beard? Is she blonde? Does he wear glasses? And all this, with the excitement of being the first to succeed.

In Guess who am I, you can play against the machine unlimitedly, although players can also play against another person using the same Android terminal with the ancient technique of passing the device and taking turns.

The game is totally free and has an intuitive, clear, and very easy to use interface, although the graphics can be very simple. However, the design fulfills its mission and will help the little ones learn to ask questions and develop the first steps towards a game strategy.

How to play

At the beginning of the game, you must choose one character among the 24 you will be offered. Then, it is decided who starts asking questions with a quick "rock, paper, scissors". Choose your question category among hair, eyes, accessories and others, and select the different options.

Once your opponent has answered, the system will show you the characters you can eliminate. You will have to do it manually: don't forget to do so, or you will be at a disadvantage. Once you know the character that your opponent hides, all you have to do is click on “solve” and start a new game.

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