How to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a great catastrophe has brought a variety of magical objects and artifacts stolen from the magic world to the Muggle world. The mission is to help the Ministry of Magic get it back. You will have to do it so as soon as possible, as the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy is in danger.

To do so, you have been provided with a map indicating where the missing objects, called retrievables, are located. This map is based on your location and shows your magic avatar, i.e. your character, so you can navigate your way around. You will have to go to the points on the map where objects appear, just click to try to get them.

Wizards Unite’s mapWizards Unite’s map

By clicking on them, you will have to focus your device's camera on the object: once you are properly aligned, you can cast a spell to retrieve them and return them to the Wizarding World. You will see the so-called threat meter, a meter that indicates the difficulty of the achievement and that will serve as a guide to know who or what you are facing and if your spells are ready for the challenge.

A magical fight and casting a spellA magical fight and casting a spell

Then, you have to slide your finger on the screen following the line indicated, in order to cast the spells. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of the spell will depend on your ability to follow the figures that appear on the screen. The greater the speed and precision of the movement, the greater the probability that the spell will be successful. Any spells and potions you may have used also play a role. When casting spells, magic energy is consumed, which functions as the character's life bar.

Be careful because the dynamics of the matches are different. Some characters and elements only require you to cast the spell correctly, but in other events, you will have to defend yourself and be fast with your finger in order to have a chance to cast your spells.

Doxy is attacking us and we have to defend ourselvesDoxy is attacking us and we have to defend ourselves

By completing the lost foundables record, similar to the game's achievement book, you will gain experience points that will let you level up and open the door to new challenges.

The foundables collected allow us level upThe foundables collected allow us level up

When you jump into the world of Wizards Unite, you will find all kinds of things on the map. You will also find that there are fixed structures to go around you. They are the Inns, the Greenhouses and the Fortresses. These virtual buildings on the map are very important in your mission.


Fortresses are buildings where it is possible to fight against enemies and magic elements. For those who played Pokémon GO, it is what we would call a gym. These are fixed points on the map that are always there, and in order to enter them, you must use the magic stones. You can test your skills here by retrieving elements from the Wizardly World alone or in cooperation with other players. By doing this, you will level up, but you must be careful, the dangers lying within could far outweigh your strength.

Encounter inside a fortressEncounter inside a fortress


The greenhouses let the player search for plants and ingredients to make potions, and also plant their own seeds. They let you craft different items that are very useful to progress in the game. In these places you are safe, and you will have to visit them continuously in your adventure.

You can grow your own plants in the greenhousesYou can grow your own plants in the greenhouses


The inns help you recover strength, they are places where the player can regain magic energy after a long struggle. There, you can find food and ingredients that help you recover magic energy and also let you get ingredients to make potions. You will spend a great part of your adventure at these places.

Inside an innInside an inn

Ministry of Magic ID

To start your adventure, you must create your Magic Ministry Passport, something like your in-game user profile. You can access this function by clicking on the icon visible in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Here, you can choose your name, title, the house you belong to (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, each with its own characteristics), your profession (only available from level 6), your magic wand (choosing type of wood, core, flexibility, and length) or the magic achievements to display (up to 5 different options shown on your ministry ID). At the bottom, you have a small summary of what you have achieved so far. You can see the foundables returned, the distance traveled, the taverns and greenhouses visited or the magic challenges won.

Ministry ID, Professions and HousesMinistry ID, Professions and Houses


To access the baggage section, click on the suitcase icon in the center of the bottom. By doing so, you will access a sub-menu of options.

Suitcase in Wizards UniteSuitcase in Wizards Unite

At the top, in addition to seeing your level and the experience points you have gained in order to move up to the next level, you will see the newsletter. Basically, it is a news section where the developers regularly report events and activities that could give you rewards in the game.

At the bottom, you will see 5 different options:


The vault shows all the items you have in your inventory. It is further classified into potions that you can use to improve your spells or gain more experience points, ingredients for making new potions, other useful items such as scrolls or gold and silver keys to open moving suitcases, runic stones to use in fortresses, and seeds and water to use in greenhouses. It also grants access to Diagon Alley, where you can buy anything using gold coins.

Menus in the Vault sectionMenus in the Vault section


It allows you to choose a profession from the 3 possible alternatives. The Aurors are based on power and precision at the expense of its defense, the Teachers are the most balanced profession since they can cast offensive and defensive spells while maintaining some characteristics of healing, and finally, there is Magizoologist, focused on defense and healing. You should keep in mind that each profession is different and has its own level of experience. If you decide to change between professions, you will not have the same level from one to another. You must choose your profession according to your playing style and your personal likes and dislikes. By the way, you can only choose a profession from level 6 and up.

Menu of professions availableMenu of professions available


Here is where you can make all your potions using the ingredients in your inventory. You can choose the type of cauldron and then use the different existing recipes. Each recipe takes a specific amount of time, some can be created in an hour, but others will take several hours to finish before you can add them to your vault. You can queue them up so that as a potion is completed, you can automatically start creating another one. There are all kinds of potions, whether they are stimulating, trace detection, healing, energizing, or quickening...

Section with magic potionsSection with magic potions


it is the Ministry of Magic's list of foundables that you returned. There are 10 different types. You have the record for caring for magical creatures, the record for dark arts, the record for Hogwarts School, the record for Hogwarts Legends, the record for the Ministry of Magic, the record for magical sports and games, the record for mysterious artifacts, the record for wonders of the magical world, and the record for anomalies. All of them are identified by their own symbol, which lets you see on the map the type of foundable you are dealing with. As you obtain foundables of each type, your rank will rise, and with it, you can earn treasure chests with rewards.

Achievements sectionAchievements section

Additionally, you will find challenges that can be related to books, joke products, magic devices, symbols of the magic world, wands of Dumbledore's army, Fenrir Greyback or Dolores Umbridge. On the other hand, there are also the mysteries, organized in chapters (spell of the foundables, Gram Fawley-Background and Penelope Fawley-Background. And the dark events, Christmas calamity, the union makes strength, fighting forces, back to Hogwarts, Potter's calamity, and fantastic flora and fauna. These are all just specific tasks and achievements that increase the duration of the game and keep you entertained.


The portkey suitcases let you magically move to a special place in the Wizardly World where the magic of Calamity has been detected. They are opened with silver and gold keys and by walking certain distances (the game is able to detect movement even when you are not playing directly). There are several types of portkeys to be found in the game universe.

Portkeys sectionPortkeys section

Special assignments

When you are on the map, click on the icon in the lower right corner to access special assignments. These are tasks assigned to you by the Ministry or events. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock new assignments, giving you rewards once you complete all the tasks in the game. Many of them have a time limit for completion. There are daily assignments, special assignments that only appear occasionally, achievements and special forces assignments.

Special assignments sectionSpecial assignments section

Back on the map, at the bottom left, just above the access to your ID, you will see an icon in the shape of two wizards. It provides access to social functions. From here, you can add friends with whom you can work together in your fight against Calamity. It is also possible to send them gifts

Social section to get in touch with friends and send giftsSocial section to get in touch with friends and send gifts

At the top right there are two more icons, a compass to help you orientate yourself and weather information that shows you the weather conditions you will find in your adventure, logically, the game represents your real weather conditions.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a game full of challenges that will keep you busy for a long time. It looks like Pokémon GO but is far more complex and detailed. There are hundreds of challenges and quests, many magical items, magical characters to recover, and a fascinating story behind them. Follow all these tips and explanations and you will be moving like a fish in water making your character more and more powerful.