I Know This


I Know This emulates the famous movie scene in which Jurassic Park's computer system gets attacked. Browse around the GUI and locate the Gold Folder


Break into Jurassic Park like in the movie

August 20, 2015
7 / 10

In the legendary Jurassic Park not only did they make us dream about the return of dinosaurs to Earth, but they also dared to do so by attacking operating systems.

If you watched the movie, you'll remember the girl shouting I Know This when she sat in front of a computer, the graphical user interface of which was so fictional... that it really was pure fiction. The fact is that this scene has become an icon of pop culture associated with coding and this game proves it.

Take your time break into the system... there aren't any velociraptors chasing you this time.

What's it all about?

The objective of this game is the same as the movie: you have to find a file. You'll have to move around all the operating system's nodes with the help of the keyboard's arrows and Enter. The Gold File contains what you're looking for, but if you make a mistake, you'll break the system.

And all the latter with a guide that resembles the old Clippy, that legendary and cute Office assistant that was put into a corner by Microsoft.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • Requires Unity Web Player.
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