Isekai:Slow Life


Isekai:Slow Life is a cute simulation game that transports you to a new world filled with nekos, magical creatures, and monsters with stylized designs


Become an adorable walking mushroom in this game inspired by the Isekai genre

January 8, 2024
8 / 10

Isekai:Slow Life for PC is a simulation game that transports you to Isekai, a continent filled with magical creatures of different races that will gradually shape your future and create stories with you. Our story begins when we are reincarnated in Kemonomini Village as a friendly mushroom. But it will not be long before we have to use our knowledge from our previous life to start a new life in the village with our neighbors and the rest of the villagers.

Start a new life on the Isekai continent!

In addition to its epic stories, combats, and exploration, Isekai: Slow Life also offers dating simulation mechanics, so we can enjoy this kind of in-game content to earn rewards such as experience and stickers and, at the same time, improve our relationship with the villagers.

Explore a magical continent filled with adventure, romance, and fun.

In terms of gameplay, like many simulators, Isekai: Slow Life is more of a clicker with idle features but accompanied by a fun story where we must not only help develop the village but also make friends and maybe even form a family. In addition, the game has a wide variety of characters and activities to do, meaning you will always have something to do to feel part of this community.

In conclusion, if you like simulation games, anime, Isekai, fantasy worlds, and stylized characters, do not hesitate to download Isekai:Slow Life and start a new life.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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