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Lucky Patcher is a great tool that allows you to crack and patch the applications installed on your Android smartphone to have more control over them

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How to fix the Play Protect block in Lucky Patcher

We can disable the device analysis and block of Lucky Patcher on behalf of Google Play Protect if we follow these steps:

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What are Lucky Patcher's custom patches

A custom patch is a patch that has been developed specifically for a certain application or game to modify different aspects of the latter. They can be found on Lucky Patcher’s website and can also be installed from the options menu. From here, we'll be offered two different possibilities: to download the custom patches and to show the latest ones added to the app's list. Lucky Patcher takes care of analyzing which applications have been installed and then compares them to its database to download or update the patches available for the latter.

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How to update Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher offers us the possibility to update automatically. In fact, this function is enabled by default, so each time there’s a new version of this tool, it will ask us if we want to download it. However, we can disable this automatic update if we want. For such purpose, we have to drop down the Settings menu available from the upper right hand side of the interface. Once we’ve accessed the latter, we have to look for the option Disable Auto-update and check the box available for such purpose.

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