Lucky Patcher Tips & Tricks: the best cheats and hacks for Android games

One of the many advantages of Android over iOS, apart from its flexibility and customization options, is the possibility to give the user total control over the operating system to be able to do whatever he likes with the management of his applications, both those downloaded by the user and those that are preinstalled by default. Obviously, not everyone has the knowledge necessary to carry out all those actions, furthermore, we wouldn’t even recommend you to do so if you’re not really sure of what you’re mucking around with.

But there’s where tools of the likes of Lucky Patcher come in, an Android application that simplifies everything and allows us to take the full control of our smartphone or tablet, offering us the possibility to block adverts, skip license verifications, modify app permissions, remove bloatware and many other functions. And obviously to carry out all those operations it requires us to have super user permissions but the app is very capable of carrying out many other actions without a root access.

As you can imagine, it’s an application that’s rather complex, both in terms of its download, installation, update, and uninstallation (you logically won’t be able to download this application from the Play Store) and its use because, to start off, its interface doesn’t come along with the most intuitive design. For such purpose, looking up an exhaustive guide like this one is a must if you want to understand all the steps to be taken to use it and get to know all the tips and tricks to be able to hack your favorite games. Because to be honest, that’s its most popular use.

We’re constantly renovating our tips and adding new help with every update to the application developed by ChelpuS. Here you’ll find the answers to all your doubts about the legality and security of the tool, about the difference between using it on a rooted and non-rooted device, and you’ll be able to read up on the opinions of our software expert editors who will break down all the pros and cons of this application.

Likewise, you’ll soon become experts in terms and concepts that you were totally unfamiliar with not so long ago: you’ll learn about Play Protect and how to fix its block, you’ll find out about custom patches, get to know what ODEX is, and you’ll understand the meaning of the color code used by Lucky Patcher to classify the apps installed on your mobile phone. Furthermore, we’ll instruct you on what to do if it were to stop working and how to fix other problems related to its usage.

Additionally, we’ll pay special attention to its application to mobile games, teaching you how to hack or apply patches to your favorite games in order to obtain a competitive advantage over your rivals such as infinite lives or money, helping you to understand why you can’t always use those hacks in online games, showing you how to get rid of all those annoying adverts and banners that hinder your user experience, and also, teaching you how to make in-app purchases for free so you can buy different extras without paying a cent. And there’s no need for us to remind you to leave us a comment if you don’t find what you’re looking for amongst these tips so that we can answer you as soon as possible.

What is Lucky Patcher and what's it for?

Lucky Patcher is a tool to apply universal patches to the Android mobile operating system. It’s used to change different aspects of the applications installed on our phone or tablet to be able to modify these apps as follows:


Opinions about Lucky Patcher: pros and cons

These are the opinions of Malavida’s editors about Lucky Patcher:


How to hack with Lucky Patcher

To be able to hack games and applications with Lucky Patcher, you won’t need to be any kind of aeronautical engineer or anything similar. You’ll only need to follow these simple steps to find out how to apply hack patches to the different apps you’ve installed:


How to use Lucky Patcher with games for Windows PC

If you’ve landed here expecting to be able to hack Windows games such as those that you may have downloaded from Steam, we have to warn you that it isn’t possible with Lucky Patcher. However, we can use this tool on Android games running on a computer. How it works is very similar to the version for Android smartphones and tablets but there are differences regarding how to use it on PC as it depends on the download and installation of an emulator of this operating system.


Does Lucky Patcher work without root?

Lucky Patcher can be used without rooting our phone. But people can hesitate because there were previous versions that required us to have super user permissions, but that’s no longer necessary. The only different between using Lucky Patcher on a rooted or unrooted device has to do with the access to extra functions.


Why isn't Lucky Patcher working and what to do

The main problems that you may run into with Lucky Patcher and that might cause it to not work are related to the version of your Android device. This application works with the majority of devices but it may happen that it doesn’t support the latest versions. In this case, we’ll have to be very patient because the next updated to the app will probably fix this error. Remember that this app is an amateur development and that’s why its errors and bugs can’t be fixed as fast as those of an app developed by a professional studio.


How to install Lucky Patcher

As you already know, you won’t be able to download Lucky Patcher from Google Play. Therefore, to be able to install this software, you’re going to have to follow these steps:


Is Lucky Patcher legal?

Bearing in mind strictly legal criteria, we can confirm that Lucky Patcher is legal. However, if we understand illegality as any action that involves breaking a few rules (even if they don’t figure in any laws), then we would have to admit that Lucky Patcher is not legal.


How to update Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher offers us the possibility to update automatically. In fact, this function is enabled by default, so each time there’s a new version of this tool, it will ask us if we want to download it. However, we can disable this automatic update if we want. For such purpose, we have to drop down the Settings menu available from the upper right hand side of the interface. Once we’ve accessed the latter, we have to look for the option Disable Auto-update and check the box available for such purpose.


How to fix the Play Protect block in Lucky Patcher

We can disable the device analysis and block of Lucky Patcher on behalf of Google Play Protect if we follow these steps:


How to block adverts with Lucky Patcher

To remove adverts with Lucky Patcher, we have to follow this procedure:


Advantages of using Lucky Patcher on a rooted Android

Although we can now use Lucky Patcher without requiring a rooted device, being the super user offers us a series of advantages as we can use the application without any kind of limitation beyond those that have to do with the apps themselves that we can’t modify in any manner whatsoever:


Does Lucky Patcher work with online games?

Lucky Patcher is one of the most popular apps to hack application in general, but especially for Android games, as it also works on online games. And the majority of gamers resort to this tool to simulate in-app purchases so that they don’t have to spend real-life money on getting hold of certain improvements, and not so much to obtain competitive advantages of the likes of unlimited lives or invulnerability. This application also allows us to remove adverts or certifications to use premium applications without a license (for free without purchasing it).


How Lucky Patcher works

Lucky Patcher is a patcher that can be use to hack different applications, not only games. It offers the user a main panel from where we can access the different permissions of those apps which are sorted by colors depending on their type:


How to use Lucky Patcher

To be able to use Lucky Patcher, the first thing you’ve got to do is take a look at the main panel to view the colors associated to each application. Once you know what permissions you’ve got regarding each app depending on whether it’s marked as green, yellow, blue, purple, red or orange, you can use it as follows.


Which is the original Lucky Patcher

The original Lucky Patcher is the version developed by ChelupS. This version can be downloaded directly from Malavida or going to the product’s web page at To find out whether you’ve downloaded the appropriate version, you have to go to the drop-down menu that you’ll find in the upper right hand-side of the interface. Select About and there you should see About Lucky Patcher by ChelupS, which indicated that you’re using the original app. You can also find more information about the latter, such as the latest version or the tool’s changelog.


What's the meaning of ODEX in Lucky Patcher

The truth is that the word ODEX is more related to the Android operating system than to Lucky Patcher itself. We’re talking about files with .odex extension that usually come along with the system’s applications or are pre-installed on the manufacturer’s firmware and that are basically used to save space. They are mainly collections of parts of the app that help the system to boot faster because they preload the application’s code.


Is Lucky Patcher safe?

Lucky Patcher’s safety is mainly all down to the user’s knowledge. There are apps marked in orange that means that they are system applications that and it isn’t advisable to modify them due to the risk of making your Android device unstable. In fact, the official website warns us about using this app: the user is ultimately the only person responsible for using the application and any incorrect functioning of the operating system due to this use.


What are Lucky Patcher's custom patches

A custom patch is a patch that has been developed specifically for a certain application or game to modify different aspects of the latter. They can be found on Lucky Patcher’s website and can also be installed from the options menu. From here, we'll be offered two different possibilities: to download the custom patches and to show the latest ones added to the app's list. Lucky Patcher takes care of analyzing which applications have been installed and then compares them to its database to download or update the patches available for the latter.


What's the meaning of Lucky Patcher's color code

One of the first things that catches our eye when opening Lucky Patcher is viewing the list of applications tagged with different colors. Each one of these colors has a different meaning as we’ll try to explain below:


How to make in-app purchases for free with Lucky Patcher

To be able to make free in-app purchases with Lucky Patcher, you have to follow these instructions:


November 16, 2018