Download Metronome to follow the tempo with accuracy. Metronome is the perfect software for musicians that want to have a metronome on their computer

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In the world of musical performance, tempo is a very important factor. Any music hall requires a BPM counter to guide the musician. Metronome is a simple desktop utility that accurately marks the tempo using sounds.

Simple, compound and odd-time meters.

Metronome is a computer version of Tap Tempo devices, made up by an inverted pendulum that helps the musician not to lose rhythm and precision. We're talking about an essential tool for any musician, regardless of the type of music he/she plays.

Features of Metronome for Windows

  • View the tempo or meter.
  • On/Off button to enable or disable the Metronome.
  • Adjust the tempo with accuracy: from 40 up to 340 beats per minute.
  • Independent volume control.

Discover Metronome for Windows, a metronome that never ends, with the precision of the best desktop software.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used for 30 minutes per day, and it doesn't play tones for accents of the beginning of the meter or intermediate accents in odd-time meters, except for 5/4 and 3+2/4.
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