How to turn on cheats with commands in Minecraft for PC

Turning on cheats with commands in Minecraft is an option that you have to authorize when creating a world. That option appears just then, having to check it at that moment and without being able to do so later on. It’s important to know that if we decide to apply the cheats we won’t be able to unlock any of the game’s achievements as we’re modifying the game.

We can turn these cheats on from the game’s chat bar, which we can enable by hitting the Enter key. There are all sorts of commands or codes that can be used to change the difficulty, the game mode or teleport ourselves. We can also use them to get hold of resources, although for such purpose, we need to know where they are and, obviously, where we are.

These are the chat command cheats for Minecraft, with which we can alter different game parameters. As you know, they are available from the chat console:

  • Survival (mode) - /gamemode 0.
  • Creative (mode) - /gamemode 1.
  • Adventure (mode) - /gamemode 2.
  • Spectator (mode) - /gamemode 3.
  • Peaceful (difficulty) - /difficulty peaceful.
  • East (difficulty) - /difficulty easy.
  • Normal (difficulty) - /difficulty normal.
  • Hard (difficulty) - /difficulty hard.
  • Stop the time - /gamerule doDaylightCycle false.
  • Day - /time set day.
  • Midnight - /time set 18000.
  • Midday - /time set 6000.
  • Dusk - /time set 12000.
  • Dawn - /time set 0.
  • Night - /time set night.
  • Reset time - /time query gametime.
  • Rain - /weather rain.
  • Thunderstorm - /weather thunder.
  • Clear - /weather clear.
  • Summon NPCs or enemies - /summon [name of the enemy] [coordinates].
  • Teleport - /teleport [name of the character] [coordinates].
  • Keep your inventory when dying - /gamerule keepinventory true
  • Experience - /xp [number of experience points].