Norton Personal Firewall

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Norton Personal Firewall is an effective firewall that will avoid connections that could be dangerous for your computer. Download Norton Personal Firewall


The firewall developed by Norton

October 29, 2010
6 / 10

Norton Personal Firewall is the protection system for the Internet that the computer security company makes available for its users. Nothing less than a firewall that integrates perfectly with the antivirus that you use (being even better if it's Norton) to manage a perfect couple that will protect your data at all times.

Norton Personal Firewall's interface is very simple, it offers you the typical tabs of any firewall, that will allow you to see the status, create and edit rules and update. As any good firewall, Norton Personal Firewall has a configuration system that is very easy to use, and it quickly learns to allow or block connections. To start off, you may find it rather bothersome, but in a few days you will have everything perfectly configured.

Of course, the blocks will be available both for applications as well as for IPs, among other common ways. But the truth is that the general function of Norton Personal Firewall will be to protect the system form any unknown or fraudulent connection that tries to contact your computer. Thus, your computer will be much more protected after your download Norton Personal Firewall for free.

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