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Posteriza will allow you to create posters and large bills, even if your printer doesn't accept those printing settings. Download Posteriza free to your PC


Create posters or banners based on any image

February 11, 2010
7 / 10

On many occasions, it could happen that we need to create a banner or a poster from a photo that we have stored on our hard drive, but we don't have a machine that's capable of printing paper larger than an A4, so we'll need an application like Posteriza to perform the job. Posteriza thanks to which we can design a poster or banner and print it in such a way that the pages are consecutive, so we can join one with the other.

Tool to help you create the biggest banners you can imagine

The program has a very simple interface, that will guide us by means of 4 simple steps to design the poster that we want because it is only necessary to select the size, the image that we want to use, the frame (in case we want one) and the text that we'll include on top of the image.

Once designed all that will be left to do, is export it as JPG or print it on various sheets of paper so that we can later paste one to another to complete the full poster.

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Antony Peel