qBittorrent is a download client that uses the BitTorrent network. Download all kinds of content such as series or movies and share it using the P2P network

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One of the busiest P2P networks, without a doubt, is the BitTorrent network, from where, as long as we have a good client, it is possible to download all kinds of files easily and efficiently.

qBittorent is an application through which we will be able to share files with users from all over the world and which looks a lot like the popular uTorrent. Moreover, this is a multiplatform, free, and open-source development.

Main features

  • Integrated link search engine (capable of filtering results by file-type).
  • Allows selective downloading and file prioritization.
  • UPnP support.
  • Remote control of the application through a Web user interface.
  • Compatible with RSS.
  • Connection manager.
  • RSS feed reader with an integrated download tool.
  • Includes a bandwidth scheduler and torrent creation tool.
  • Allows sequential downloading, that is, in order.

Program use is very intuitive, which makes it an ideal option for those who are new to downloading with the BitTorrent network. If you are looking for a client for sharing music, movies, and all kinds of software, install qBittorrent and give it a try.

New features on the latest version

  • Allows us to restore all the torrent settings from the main contextual menu.
  • Adds a confirmation to activate the automatic management of torrents from the context menu.
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