Rigs of Rods

Rigs of Rods is one of the most realistic driving simulators. Download Rigs of Rods and you will be able to drive cars or trucks, sail boats and fly planes

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Video games usually adjust their difficulty so that they work out to be entertaining. Nevertheless, sometimes it would be rather interesting to test how things really work in real life. That is the general premise of Rigs of Rods, that will allow us to drive trucks and cars, fly planes or sail boats with low quality graphics but the most realistic physics.

  Rigs of Rods is an amateur project where the intention isn't to create a game, but to create a realistic driving simulator. Thus, every design must have realistic characteristics and features. This means that the chassis and tires of each vehicle that we drive will have the same proportions and characteristics as they would in real life.

  The game offers several settings to test the trucks, cars, boats and planes, and the OpenSource community that has developed around the game has published various modifications (mods) for the game.

  Even though the game is amateur, we will have at our disposal many effects that are implemented in commercial games, like HDR, antialiasing, pixel shader support, but the most important feature is the realistic implementation of physics in both the vehicles and the environment.

  On the other hand, it's important to state that this is a pure simulator, it doesn't include any type of help option, and the application is configured by means of another executable, not the one used to launch the application.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires an Internet connection to carry out the installation.
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