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Challenge your friends, players from all over the world, or the machine in the Rummikub app, a fun board game of Romanian origin in digital format


Endless games of this popular board game in a virtual version

April 1, 2021
8 / 10

Would you like to play some Rummikub but have no opponents? Would you like to challenge a friend from afar? Kikanjoo studio offers us the digital version of this famous board game for mobile devices. Would you like to test your strategy and wit?

A combination of tactics, trickery, and luck

Rummikub is a board game of Romanian origin that can be played from two to four players, similar to the Turkish game of okey. To play, we need 106 numbered tiles. Each turn, the player may place tiles on the table with lines or combinations that add up to at least 30 points on the first move. If the player has no combination, it is required to take a tile, and move on to the next turn.

Once the first move has been made, you can use the tiles on the table to manipulate the moves as you wish (provided, of course, that you have the corresponding tiles). The player who first finishes his tiles (and pronounces the name of the game) wins the game.

Will you be the first player to place all the tiles and win the game?

In the Rummikub app, the game mechanics are the same, with the difference that you can play against the device, against your friends (in a private game) or players from all over the world. We can also customize our games, choosing the time of each turn, the number of players, and the amount of the bet. And, if we play against the device, we can also choose the level of difficulty.

This game lets us play classic and original Rummikub online, offering simple and beautiful graphics so that we can comfortably follow the development of the game. Also, it includes a chat, from where we can send emoticons and pre-designed messages.

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