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SB Game Hacker is a tool that you can use for cheats, hacks, and tips in games for iPhone and iPad. All in all, an application to cheat in mobile games

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How to install SB Game Hacker on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

On iOS we can’t install applications as easily as we can on Android or Windows, for instance. The operating system doesn’t allow us to install packages from outside the App Store and SB Game Hacker is obviously one of those tools that don’t meet the terms of the application store for Apple’s phones and tablets.

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How to use SB Game Hacker on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

To be able to use SB Game Hacker to apply cheats to your games and play with aids and competitive advantages, you have to have the application open at the same time as the game the variables of which you want to hack. The application will search for, find and show you the files in which it’s possible to edit or modify certain parameters. Aspects such as our character’s health or the number of coins available are usually defined in XML files. Therefore, by means of the editor incorporated by SB Game Hacker we can access and alter these values however we wish.

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