Sisterly Lust

1.1.6 Sisterly Lust is a kind of lewd graphic adventure where you have to deal with the incestuous thoughts and imagination of a boy about his 3 sisters
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This is the story of a teenager who has not seen his mother or sisters since his parents divorced years ago. With his father dead, who had custody of him, he returns to his mother's home to discover that the women in the family have grown up to become very hot women, so, he obviously will be sexually attracted to them.

Brother's reunion with his three sisters

Sisterly Lust is a conversational graphic adventure where we play as the story's male protagonist in an attempt to slow down his most incestuous thoughts to keep living with his mother and sisters under the same roof. Or unleash his desires with the possible consequences they may have.

This is a game with explicit content focused on the adult audience where we will have to earn our relative's trust by choosing between the multiple and exciting options available for the different situations without forgetting about our most hidden desires. We will have to carefully choose our dialogs if we do not want everything to turn against us.

Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
3 months ago
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