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Spapp Monitoring allows you to control all the calls made on an iPhone, read all the text messages sent or spy the video calls made using different apps


Register all your calls

October 10, 2017
8 / 10

With Spapp Monitoring you can record all your conversations on your phone, whether incoming or outgoing calls and even those that make use of messaging apps:

  • Sent and received SMS.
  • WhatsApp messages.
  • Facebook messages.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls through Viber.
  • Inbound and outbound calls using Skype.

Furthermore, you can also follow the device just like with the Find my iPhone app but without requiring passwords or alerts. Therefore, we're definitely talking about spying software that, luckily enough, can only be installed if you jailbreak your iPhone.

Spy Phone App is the next generation of surveillance software for smartphones.

How does it work?

Just install the app on the device that you want to spy on. It's just a single file, spapp.deb that weighs less than 1 MB. You can try it out to see if it works without paying a cent. If you're happy with how it works and you want to continue making the most of all its functions, you have to create an account and pay a monthly subscription of ten dollars. Log in to your account on the developer's site, and from there you'll be able to comfortably access the contents of your iPhone remotely.

Alternatives to this spyware

Of course, there are other alternatives to Spy Phone App, all of which are very similar: just search for one that suits your needs and your economy. However, in the case of iPhone, all these apps are going to require a jailbreak on the device you wish to monitor.

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