Sygate Personal Firewall


Sygate Personal Firewall is a simple firewall that will prevent anybody from accessing the system without permission. Download Sygate Personal Firewall


Free firewall that is very easy to use

November 12, 2010
8 / 10

Sygate Personal Firewall is a free firewall for Windows, that practically doesn't require to be configured for it to work perfectly. It has a rather simple system to block connections that can damage your computer.

Free firewall for Windows PC

Graphically it is rather dull and simple in comparison with other developments of the same category, but in exchange, it offers rather good performance. The program offers a graphic in which you will be able to see your connection's performance in real-time, as well as logs with a lot more information, like the amount of failed connections, for example.

Configuring the rules is very simple, due to the fact that each time that it needs to block anything, a notification window will appear so that the user can choose to allow or deny the connection. If you were looking for a free firewall, that is simple to use and that also offers you all the information that you need, download Sygate Personal Firewall as soon as possible.

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