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Become the star in a passionate romantic drama or an unusual tragedy while reading Tabou Stories, an entertaining compilation of interactive novels

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Let yourself be seduced by intriguing and romantic stories in which you are the star. Choose a story from Tabou Stories, customize your character's look, and enjoy an exciting plot that adapts to the choices you make.

Have you ever imagined yourself starring your favorite romantic movie?

Your destiny is in your hands

The studio offers readers a compilation of interactive novels that include adult content (watch out, it's not a game for everyone). On this platform, you will find a selection of stories aimed especially at the female audience, It is characterized by one theme: love, passion, and erotic romance. There is a bit of everything, including drama, sex, seduction, and infidelity.

Make decisions that will affect the outcome of the story. You lead your destiny!

Before you start each story, you can personalize your character. That is, her appearance, hairstyle, clothes, and name depend on your preferences. However, some elements are premium, so you can't use them unless you have enough diamonds.

As usual in games of this genre, the mechanics involves reading the story and choosing among several responses to certain situations. Your decisions will determine how the plot develops, but will also influence your relationships with other characters.

Every time you read a chapter, you will consume a key. The keys are limited, and they get recharged with time. However, if you want to continue reading your passionate story, you will have to reach for your wallet and subscribe to the service.

Also, the graphics are pretty cool, with a realistic and straightforward style. They are accompanied by a soundtrack that goes quite unnoticed. If you want to enjoy a sensual and erotic interactive story in which you are the star, you have found your ideal game.

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Susana Arjona
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