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tsMuxeR is a program that will allow you to prepare TS and M2TS files to broadcast them via IP. See how easy it is to prepare the files thanks to tsMuxeR


Prepare HD files to broadcast them via IP

February 10, 2011
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To be able to broadcast high quality video and audio files via IP they need to be in a special format called Transport Stream (TS and M2TS), that is a container format that it used for sending multiple signals at the same time.

To be able to convert video and audio to this format it is necessary to have a program like tsMuxeR. This application is capable of taking H.264 Microsoft VC-1, AAC, AC3, DTS, MKV and ES (Elementary Stream) files, to name a few, and converting them both to TS as well as to M2TS, that can be broadcast on the Internet or read straight on HD video playback devices like the Dune HD Ultra or Sony Playstation3.

Among the options offered by tsMuxeR you'll find the possibility to vary the amount of frames per second, to adjust the frames per second to match the subtitles, to join several source files into a single output file or to divide the output file into multiple files.

Therefore, if you need to prepare video and audio files to be multiplexed via IP or to be watched on an appropriate player, download tsMuxeR, it's free and doesn't need to be installed.

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Antony Peel