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Access the Veoh platform to watch videos, movies, music video clips, anime, and much more. There's a huge catalog of videos to enjoy in your free time

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Veoh allows you to watch videos online for free, there are millions of videos of all sorts in its catalog that you can play straight from the web without needing to download anything else. You simply have to access the page, search for the video of your choice and press play. As easy as that. The platform was born in America back in 2004.

Contents in original quality

One of the most demanded things in video platforms is the preservation of the original quality: when we upload a video, it's usually compressed losing quality. One of the main features of Veoh is that we can watch videos in their original quality, although we have to point out that for such purpose we do have to download the client. On the web, we can watch the videos in flash, the usual format on this kind of platform.

The interface isn't too impressive but at least it's easy to use thanks to its upper browsing menu. There, we can find everything we're looking for:

  • Movies.
  • Music.
  • Channels.
  • Groups.
  • Forums.

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3 months ago

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