Visual Basic Power Packs

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If you use Visual Basic you need to download Visual Basic Power Packs for free, a pack of tools and utilities that are devoted to this development platform


Pack of tools for the Microsoft programing platform

November 17, 2010
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Visual Basic Power Packs is a collection of complements, tools, controls, and components developed to be used together with Visual Basic, the platform designed by Microsoft to create and develop all kinds of applications, from card games to online shops.

Main features

  • DataRepeater: This component allows you to use standard Windows Forms controls, with the objective of being able to show a greater amount of information in each data container. It includes two tools: one to show the information vertically and another to show it in several columns.
  • Line and Shape Controls: These tools are developed to be able to improve the interface of any application that you are developing, by means of System.Drawing.
  • PrintForm and Printer Compatibility Library: Components to improve the systems and the compatibility with several printing devices.

If you use the most powerful Microsoft tools for the creation of applications, don't hesitate about improving their features by means of Visual Basic Power Packs.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires that you have Visual Basic installed.
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