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WhatsApp Transparent is an alternative development of the original WhatsApp that incorporates functions such as a see-through interface and new emojis

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What is WhatsApp Transparent and what's it for?

WhatsApp Transparent is a WhatsApp MOD that can be used to customize several functions of this chat and messaging app. The main one is the possibility to make the interface transparent, so that we can chat with all our contacts or in the groups that we belong to whilst viewing our device’s home screen. It also offers us a greater variety of emojis and emoticons to be used in our conversations.

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How to update WhatsApp Transparent

To be able to update WhatsApp Transparent, you have to follow these steps, similar to those that have to be carried out to download and install the program:

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How to make WhatsApp Transparent

The way to make WhatsApp Transparent is by downloading and installing the MOD that allows us to do so. For such purpose, we’ll have to follow these steps:

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