Modify and edit the most recently used search list from the Windows Run dialog box tool. Do it easily by downloading WindowsRunHistoryEditor for free


Edit the MRU list of the Run box

March 25, 2013
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One of the elements included in the Windows operating systems of the Microsoft company, and one of the most used by many users is the “Run” dialog box, the same that you can make appear on the computer's screen with the “Windows+R” keyboard combination. From this box you can quickly launch any application or system function.

It's time to edit your searches...

WindowsRunHistoryEditor is a small tool specialized in editing the list of the most recently used programs of this dialog box (MRU). This box memorizes all your searches, up to a total of 26 different words. Once the list is full, the new searches substitute the first lines of the list.

This information is accessible from the Windows registry, but with WindowsRunHistoryEditor you will be capable of accessing and editing the information without any problem.

Few buttons, easy-to-use

The application is developed in C#, using the GNU license and it is free. Its aspect is very simple and it is limited to showing the 26 memorized lines with three buttons at the bottom: one to save the changes, another to restore the information in case you have input any data incorrectly and the third button is capable of deleting all the information in the list.

Download WindowsRunHistoryEditor free to edit the MRU list in the “Run” window.

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