The best xVideoServiceThief tips & tricks for PC: all you need to know about the latest version

xVideoServiceThief is a complete software that lets the user obtain multimedia content hosted on the Internet easily, simply by copying the link from your browser. This utility is perfect for recovering the content you uploaded or obtaining royalty-free resources for your multimedia creations.

Among its most outstanding functions, we find the drag & drop support. With this system, you only have to select a link and place it in the XVideoServiceThief window to start the download. Also, with this application, you can create customized download schedules so as not to saturate your bandwidth while you work, play, or study. Likewise, we cannot overlook its powerful converter, that regardless of the source format, transforms any video to the most useful extension, according to your preferences.

In Malavida, we have prepared some articles and guides that will help you take your first steps and get more out of xVideoServiceThief. For example, we tell you how to download videos step by step, how to use the integrated file converter, and how to schedule your downloads easily. We also explain whether it is a safe piece of software and what legal aspects you should take into account when using it. As usual, you have at your disposal a complete guide that will explain to you how to use xVideoServiceThief from scratch. And, if you prefer to get your videos directly on Android, you have a compilation of the best alternatives currently available.

Remember that it is very important to get your favorite applications, such as xVideoServiceThief, from a safe source. At Malavida, we offer you a fast and completely reliable download. All you have to do is click on the download link that you will see on this page.

xVideoServiceThief for Android: the best alternatives

The following list contains the best alternatives to xVideoServicheThief that you can use right now on Android. Below each application, you will find a download link to get it on your device for free, quickly, and securely.


How to schedule video downloads with xVideoServiceThief

xVideoServiceThief lets users create custom programs to start downloads automatically. How? It is very simple. The first step is to access the application settings. Do this by clicking on the More options button.


Can I download adult-themed videos with xVideoServiceThief?

The answer is yes, you can download adult content videos with xVideoServiceThief. All you have to do is check the software settings. First, open the software to access More Options at the bottom right of the main interface, click on that button.


How to convert video formats with xVideoServiceThief

xVideoServiceThief is more than just a video downloading application. Actually, we can see it as a set of tools, including a user-friendly video converter. The downloads made with this application always keep the original file format. However, it is possible to apply an automatic conversion at the end of the transfer. How?


How to download videos with xVideoServiceThief

It is very easy to start downloading videos with xVideoServiceThief. After running the application on your computer, click Add video.


Is xVideoServiceThief legal?

Yes, xVideoServiceThief is a legal application. This means that downloading, installing, and running it on your computer does not violate any current regulations unless your country of residence has legislated on this particular tool. Therefore, you can have xVideoServiceThief on your computer without worrying. However, it is important to make a few points.


Is xVideoServiceThief safe?

xVideoServiceThief is a safe application. This means that they do not contain any malicious code or viruses that could affect the integrity of the operating system, your computer, or your personal information. During our use of this program, the security software installed on our device did not issue any warnings. We have also not received any notifications during the download of its executable or at the time of installation.


What is xVideoServiceThief and what's it for?

xVideoServiceThief is a software for downloading multimedia content from the Internet. It is compatible with all major video platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Although, strictly speaking, we can say that this is not its only function, it has several tools and features that are worth mentioning.


How xVideoServiceThief works

If you have already started using xVideoServiceThief, you will have noticed that its operation is very simple. To add a new video to the download list, just click Add video.


The best xVideoServiceThief alternatives

xVideoServiceThief will not be updated anymore. All those who downloaded their latest version, unless they have uninstalled it, have a relic on their computers that will never again see a new iteration in their development. Fortunately, there are multiple software options with similar functionality.


March 15, 2021. Translated by Manuel Sánchez