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YouCam is an application with multiple functions to work with your webcam. Download YouCAm and create original presentations by means of your webcam


Create videos and presentations with your webcam

November 28, 2023
9 / 10

A webcam can be a powerful tool to create images, videos and complete presentations. If you want to make the most of your webcam, don't hesitate and try out YouCam. It's an application that allows you to add effects to the images that are captured by your computer's camera. It isn't possible to download Cyberlink YouCam for free, but it's worth trying it out.

Many different features

YouCam allows you to carry out multiple functions with your webcam. To start off you'll be able to improve the quality of the images that you capture with the camera by modifying the brightness, contrast, exposure, improving the sharpness or reducing the noise. You'll also be able to take still image or video captures by means of the application's two central buttons.

But what maybe the most important functions of YouCam are those that allow you to add entertaining and original effects to the captured images. You'll be able to choose a large amount of graphics, filters or animations that make the camera captures more colorful. It also allows you to create presentations adding your image.

Other features

  • Allows you to use 3D augmented reality and particle effects.
  • You can add videos created with Cyberlink YouCam to YouTube or Facebook.
  • Allows you to sign in by means of facial recognition.
  • Supports the recording of the computer's screen in high definition.
  • Allows presentations with PowerPoint files.

Enjoy all the options offered by your webcam once you download Cyberlink YouCam.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You must have a webcam installed and configured to use the program.
  • The trial version can be tried out for 15 days.
  • Internet connection required to complete the installation.
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