What is YouTube Vanced and what's it for?

YouTube Vanced is a version of YouTube based on the official version of the Android app for the video portal. The main differences regarding the original application are its extra functions, including the possibility to block adverts. Therefore, by default, without having to carry out any settings or modifications, we can play any contents uploaded to the video site without having to watch adverts.

Furthermore, apart from this adblocker, it also comes along with the following features:

  • Play videos in the background with the screen switched off.
  • Play videos while using other applications (although only available from Android Oreo onwards).
  • Possibility to zoom into videos although the image quality depends on their resolution.
  • Automatic replay function.

It’s one of the favorite options for the users that want to make the most of YouTube without limits and use it as an alternative method to play music on services of the likes of Spotify. The only drawback is that it doesn’t allow us to download videos, therefore, we’ll have to resort to other alternative applications of the likes of TubeMate for such purpose. In turn, it requires us to be permanently connected to the Internet, therefore, it’s recommendable to have a WiFi hotspot at hand if we don’t want to consume our entire data plan watching videos.

YouTube Vanced can’t be downloaded from Google Play since it goes against Google’s business model based on the adverts embedded into the videos on YouTube. That’s why we have to resort to alternative download sites of the likes of Malavida, from where we can download the APK installation file.