Password Managers for iPhone

Create secure passwords and handle the keys you use to access your email, social networks and other services with these password managers for Android

FingerLock 1.0.2 English

FingerKey 2.0.2

Unlock your Mac remotely

Download FingerKey
Locker Lite 1.2 English

Locker Lite 1.2

App to block access to files and other applications

Download Locker Lite
Google Authenticator 2.3.0 English

Google Authenticator 2.3.0

More security for your Google account

Download Google Authenticator
1Password 6.8.1 English

1Password 6.8.1

Excellent app for the safety of your passwords

Download 1Password
Keeper Password Manager English

Keeper 8.6.0

Manage your passwords in a safe manner

Download Keeper
iPassSafe 8.670 English

iPassSafe 8.670

App to manage passwords on your iPhone

Download iPassSafe
Dashlane 4.15.1 English

Dashlane 4.15.1

The best password manager on the market

Download Dashlane
Secret Apps Lite 3.2.8 English

Secret Apps Lite 3.2.8

Restric the access to the apps on your phone

Download Secret Apps Lite