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You Play Player is the ultimate app to watch thousands of movies, series, sports or news channels straight from your Android smartphone via streaming

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How to install You Play Player

You Play Player cannot be found on Google Play due to the fact that the business on which it’s based is quite unclear and rather shady. Therefore, to download and install this application, we have to resort to its official site or webs of the likes of Malavida. To be able to get the app running on your smartphone or tablet, just follow these steps:

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How You Play Player works

You Play Player works by offering us a connection from the app to TV channels with series, movies, sports… It does so by means of streams, which are connections to servers that broadcast the latter. It’s similar to the systems previously used by applications of the likes of Winamp that allowed us to connect to online radios by means of a URL in order to tune into the broadcast.

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How to add channels to You Play Player

To be able to add television channels to this application, you only have to follow these simple steps:

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