TV apps for Android

Discover the best apps to watch online TV, enjoy your favorite movies and series, including anime and content for kids, and follow any sport live on your phone

Mobdro 2.2.8 English
Mobdro 2.2.8

A selection of the best videos on the Internet

You TV Player 31 English

Thousands of TV channels on your phone

Netflix English

The Android app to watch movies and series online

PlayView 30.0.2 English
PlayView 30.0.2

The app of You Peliculas to watch movies and series online

AnimeDroid 3.0.8 English
AnimeDroid 3.0.8

Enjoy as much online anime as you can

MegaTV Player 1.3.4 English

App to watch TV for free on Android

Movie Fire 3.0 English

The latest movies and TV shows for free

Rokkr 1.7.1 English
Rokkr 1.7.1

App to watch the best series and movies for free

FilmyFy 0.16 English
FilmyFy 0.16

Wide range of movies and series

CyberFlix TV 3.3.2 English

Hundreds of TV series episodes and movies for free

Movies HD 5.0.7 English
Movies HD 5.0.7

Movies and premiers in HD quality on your smartphone or tablet

Hunk TV 3.4 English
Hunk TV 3.4

App for watching movies, series and live TV

Sports Live Tv v2 8.11 English

App to follow sports live

Terrarium TV 1.9.10 English
Terrarium TV 1.9.10

Watch your favorite movies and series on your Android

BeeTV 2.8.5 English
BeeTV 2.8.5

Free movies and TV series on your Android and other devices

CkayTV 6.7 English
CkayTV 6.7

IPTV application to watch TV on Android

TeaTV 10.2.3r English
TeaTV 10.2.3r

Movies and TV shows in HD

Kissanime 2.2 English

Online anime series for free

Anime X Stream 0.2.4 English

An application for watching ad-free anime on your Android or tablet

MediaBox HD English
MediaBox HD

All kinds of free series and movies on your Android

RedFlix TV 2.6 English

Watch free movies and series on your Android

Leno TV 10.0 English
Leno TV 10.0

IPTV app for watching TV and sports

FireAnime 3.2.3 English
FireAnime 3.2.3

Watch the best anime on your Android

Popcorn Time 3.6.7 English

Free online film and series service

Animania 1.1 English

Application for watching anime series online for free

Fmovies 3.2 English
Fmovies 3.2

TV shows and movies for free

Snappy Streamz 2.0 English

Plenty of TV by country and genre

Mega Shows 9.0.0 English
Mega Shows 9.0.0

Watch movies and series online

Tele Latino 3.6.1 English

App for watching series, movies and live TV

elMubashir IPTV 6.6.8 English

App to watch IPTV and local media

FreeFlix TV 1.0.8 English

Movies, sports, series, radio, all the services you need in one place

Live Football TV Euro English

Free live soccer on your Android

CineHub 2.2.7 English
CineHub 2.2.7

App to watch the best series and movies

OneBox HD 1.0.1 English
OneBox HD 1.0.1

TV series and movies for free on your Android

MegaBox HD 1.0.5 English
MegaBox HD 1.0.5

Hundreds of movies and TV series for free

GogoAnime 5.9.2 English
GogoAnime 5.9.2

App to watch anime free on Android

USTV 4K 6.22 English
USTV 4K 6.22

The app to watch American TV on Android

AnimeZone 2.4.0 English
AnimeZone 2.4.0

The best anime series on your Android

AnimePahe 1.0 English

Free online anime series and movies

Dutafilm 1.0 English

Movies, series and cartoons totally free