TV apps for Android

Discover the best apps to watch online TV, enjoy your favorite movies and series, including anime and content for kids, and follow any sport live on your phone

Mobdro 2.2.8 English
Mobdro 2.2.8

Old TV glory on Android

Netflix English

The Android app to watch movies and series online

Funimation 3.8.1 English
Funimation 3.8.1

App to watch anime movies and series online

Crunchyroll 3.30.2 English
Crunchyroll 3.30.2

Android app to watch anime series online

HBO Max English

Everything HBO, movies, series and Max Originals

SportsDevil 2018.01.19 English
SportsDevil 2018.01.19

Kodi addon to watch live sports

DAZN 2.10.19 English
DAZN 2.10.19

Football, motor sports, basketball and other online sports

Disney+ 2.16.2 English
Disney+ 2.16.2

Disney's online and on-demand TV platform

YouTube TV 6.50.1 English
YouTube TV 7.12.0

YouTube's television platform

Cartoon Network 3.9.19-20230217 English
Cartoon Network 3.9.19-20230217

The Android cartoon TV channel app

NOW 35.0.0 English
NOW 35.0.0

App to watch movies, TV, and sports live

Amazon Prime Video 3.0.342.12047 English
Amazon Prime Video 3.0.342.12047

Amazon's online movie and series streaming service

Discovery Plus 2.9.7 English

The application to exclusively enjoy the Discovery Channel

FOX Sports 5.70.0 English
FOX Sports 5.70.0

Follow all sports with the FOX app

Disney Channel 2.37 English

Enjoy cartoon shows on Disney Channel

TV Time 8.45.1-2023030302 English
TV Time 8.45.1-2023030302

The best guide to follow your TV series

SBS 2.121.2 English
SBS 2.121.2

Korean channel group makes the jump to mobile

Rave 5.4.93 English
Rave 5.4.93

Enjoy digital content with your friends away from you

AnimeDroid 3.0.8 English
AnimeDroid 3.0.8

Enjoy all the anime on your cell phone

Hotstar 12.4.9 English
Hotstar 12.4.9

The best programs, sports, and movies from India

Mobi KORA 3.3.5 English
Mobi KORA 3.3.5

App to watch online soccer matches for free

Sling TV 9.1.21 English
Sling TV 9.1.21

Over 100 channels broadcast over the Internet

Pokémon TV 4.5.0 English

Unpublished Pokémon episodes and more

Hulu English

Online on-demand television service

Nick Jr. 126.106.0 English
Nick Jr. 126.106.0

Play with Nickelodeon characters and watch chapters

WeTV English

App to watch Asian series and movies on Android

fuboTV 4.73.3 English
fuboTV 4.73.3

Watch on-demand TV on your smartphone

BT Sport 8.17.1 English
BT Sport 8.17.1

The app for subscribers of this live sports channel

HBO GO 5.9.8 English
HBO GO 5.9.8

The HBO app to watch your series on Android

RMC Sport 7.4.5 English
RMC Sport 7.4.5

The Radio Monte-Carlo app

Vodafone TV 4.0.0 English

Vodafone's app for Android and for subscribers of its TV platform

beIN SPORTS 5.2.4 English

The app by beIN with results, news, and standings

NBC Sports 9.0.1 English
NBC Sports 9.0.1

Enjoy all the sports coverage carried out by NBC

Pelis Magnet 0.3.0 English

An alternative to Popcorn Time on Android

MegaTV Player 1.3.4 English

App to watch TV for free on Android

JioTV 7.0.9 English
JioTV 7.0.9

Live TV with contents available up to 7 days later

Nickelodeon Play 2.9.0 English

Play with your favorite Nickelodeon characters

Blaze TV 1.9 English

Enjoy your favorite on-demand TV programs

MEGOGO 4.7.3 English
MEGOGO 4.7.3

Movies and TV for the whole family

MAXstream 3.1.4 English
MAXstream 3.1.4

Enjoy TV channels of all kinds

DisneyNOW English

The app to enjoy Disney channels' content

PBS KIDS Video 5.8.8 English

The PBS app with content for kids

Discovery Go 3.26.0 English
Discovery Go 3.26.0

The documentary channel in mobile format

You TV Player 41 English

Hundreds of TV channels on your mobile

123Movies 2.0 English

Online movies ready to be downloaded

Anime X Stream 0.5.0 English

An application for watching ad-free anime on your Android or tablet

Terrarium TV 1.9.10 English
Terrarium TV 1.9.10

Watch your favorite movies and series on your Android

AnimePahe 1.0 English

Free online anime series and movies

Kissanime 2.2 English

Online anime series for free

RedFlix TV 3.0 English

Watch free movies and series on your Android

Popcorn Time 3.6.10 English
Popcorn Time 3.6.10

Online movie and series service

Movie Fire 3.0 English

The latest movies and TV shows for free

MegaBox HD 1.0.5 English
MegaBox HD 1.0.5

Hundreds of movies and TV series for free

Wifi Movies 5.6 English

Vast collection of movies via streaming

Popcornflix 7.18.703 English
Popcornflix 7.18.703

Watch and download movies for free

FireAnime 3.2.4 English
FireAnime 3.2.4

Watch the best anime on your Android

FreeFlix TV 1.0.9 English

Movies, sports, series, radio, all the services you need in one place

AnimeZone 2.4.0 English
AnimeZone 2.4.0

The best anime series on your Android

Show Box 5.35 English
Show Box 5.35

Watch movies and series on Android for free

MediaBox HD 2.5 English

All kinds of free series and movies on your Android

Animania 1.1 English

Application for watching anime series online for free

MovieShot 1.0 English

Lightweight app for watching movies, series and TV channels

AnimeBoya 1.052 English
AnimeBoya 1.052

Enjoy the best anime online

MovieTopper V12 English

Indian and American films on your Android for free

Tele Latino 3.9.1 English

App for watching series, movies and live TV

Movie Hub 1.4 English

A complete library of movies for Android

elMubashir IPTV 6.6.8 English

App to watch IPTV and local media

Dutafilm 1.0 English

Movies, series and cartoons totally free

Stremio 1.5.8 English
Stremio 1.5.8

Movies and series online from your Android

Hunk TV 3.4 English
Hunk TV 3.4

App for watching movies, series and live TV

Newest Movies HD 6.1 English

All series and movies in original version

ZEE5 38.13.4 English
ZEE5 38.13.4

Online TV platform with Indian contents

Anistream 1.3.18 English
Anistream 1.3.18

Enjoy top ad-free anime

OneBox HD 1.0.1 English
OneBox HD 1.0.1

TV series and movies for free on your Android

bilibili 3.11.0 English
bilibili 3.11.0

As much anime as you can imagine, in Chinese

AnimeGlare v3 1.0.0 English
AnimeGlare v3 1.0.0

App to watch online anime free on Android

VUDU 7.4.5.r002.161377490 English
VUDU 7.4.5.r002.161377490

Pay for the series or movies you want to watch

Cartoon HD 3.0.3 English
Cartoon HD 3.0.3

Free alternative to Netflix or HBO

MTTV 3.1.1381 English
MTTV 3.1.1381

Application for watching free TV

Snappy Streamz 2.0 English

Plenty of TV by country and genre

e-DoctorIPTV 6.43 English

Tune into TV channels from all over the world on your phone

Soap2day 9.1.2 English
Soap2day 9.1.2

App to enjoy recorded TV series, movies, and even sports events

AnimeUltima 0.5.0 English

Watch free anime series on your Android

HDtv 2.0 English
HDtv 2.0

Application to watch series, movies and live TV

AnYme 11.00 English
AnYme 11.00

Follow your favorite anime series

New World TV WTV-B-20170306 English
New World TV WTV-B-20170306

App with TV channels from around the world

WATCHED 1.8.3 English

An IPTV list mediaplayer

PlayBox HD 3.4 English

All sorts of free movies on your Android

Genius Stream 2.3 English

IPTV app with channels from all over the world

USA TV and Radio 2.20 English

Enjoy US TV and radio on your mobile

GogoAnime 5.9.2 English
GogoAnime 5.9.2

App to watch anime free on Android

GLWiZ 2.3.5 English
GLWiZ 2.3.5

TV service for Iranian public

IPTV 6.1.11 English
IPTV 6.1.11

Watch any TV channel in the world

Cricwick 7.1 English

Follow cricket leagues and create your team

MoviesMaza 2.0 English

Series and movies app oriented to the Indian audiences

OTR PLAYER 5.0.1 English

An IPTV multimedia content provider

Pluto TV 5.25.0 English
Pluto TV 5.25.0

Hundreds of TV channels over the Internet on your phone

Tubi TV 4.44.1 English
Tubi TV 4.44.1

Tubi's app for Android to watch movies and series online for free

Blue TV 1.5.1 English
Blue TV 1.5.1

IPTV platform for watching TV on Android

TVZion 4.3 English
TVZion 4.3

Series, movies, and anime online for free

Rabbit Movies English
Rabbit Movies

Platform featuring original Rabbit series and movies

MovieTube 1.0.2 English
MovieTube 1.0.2

Movies and TV series you can watch for free

Morph TV 1.78 English
Morph TV 1.78

Online movies and series that you can also download for free

JPAnime 1.0 English
JPAnime 1.0

Platform to comfortably watch anime series

Lxtream Player 1.2.6 English

IPTV in a great player

Moko TV 2.0.7 English
Moko TV 2.0.7

Enjoy the best live sporting events and TV channels

Hyfytv 38 English
Hyfytv 38

TV, movies, and sports from India and Russia

Max Movies 1.0.0 English
Max Movies 1.0.0

App to enjoy movies and series of the moment

XX1 Lite 2.1.2 English
XX1 Lite 2.1.2

Free online movies via streaming

MovieMate 1.1.1 English
MovieMate 1.1.1

App for watching movies on Android

KingoTV 1.2 English
KingoTV 1.2

App for watching series, movies and cricket matches

SnagFilms 2.0.7 English
SnagFilms 2.0.7

Watch the best indie movies

Live Plus 11.0 English
Live Plus 11.0

Follow the matches of your favorite teams

Sports Live Tv v2 8.11 English

App to follow sports live

KissAsian 0.1 English

App to watch movies and series produced in Asia

CatMouse 2.8 English

Movies and series in their original language

hoichoi 2.3.78 English
hoichoi 2.3.78

All Bengali movies and series on your Android

AnimeFox 2.21 English
AnimeFox 2.21

Watch anime with subtitles on your Android

Star Gold TV 1.0.0 English

Indian movies and series totally free

JKAnime 1.7.2 English
JKAnime 1.7.2

Thousands of online anime series

FORJA Plus TV English

Tune into hundreds of free TV channels

UKMOVNow 1.61 English
UKMOVNow 1.61

The best movies and TV series on your Android

BeeMovie English

App to download movies for free

Anime World 2.11.5 English
Anime World 2.11.5

Enjoy the best anime on your Android

Fast Movies 1.5.0 English

Dozens of movies in original version

Sport TV Live 2.1.3 English

Follow all your favorite sports live

Strix IPTV 19.0 English

App for watching series, movies, and TV online and for free

Sony Crackle 6.1.9 English

Hollywood movies and much more on your smartphone

CinemaxHD 2.3 English

Application to watch streaming movies for free

Filmy 3.4 English
Filmy 3.4

Popular movies and premieres on Android

ZalTV 1.3.2 English
ZalTV 1.3.2

Application for watching IPTV list channels

Ultra TV 1.0.14 English
Ultra TV 1.0.14

Online film, series, TV and radio app

The Crew 0.3.1 English
The Crew 0.3.1

A very complete Kodi add-on

Live Lounge 9.0.4 English

Enjoy watching online TV and the best series and movies

DuplexPlay 1.2.428 English
DuplexPlay 1.2.428

App for watching TV by adding IPTV lists

PlayView 30.0.2 English
PlayView 30.0.2

The app of You Peliculas to watch movies and series online

IPTV Pro 1.0.9 English
IPTV Pro 1.0.9

Enjoy TV on your Android by adding channel lists

Black Panther TV 1.13 English

App to watch movies and TV series for free

Flix IPTV 3.8 English

IPTV list player compatible with smartphones and smart TVs

Torrent Stream Controller 1.6.35 English

Tune into TV channels on your Android

CotoMovies (Bobby Movie) 2.4.3 English

TV series and movies for free

Sybla TV 1.0.11 English
Sybla TV 1.0.11

Free TV on your Android

UKTVNOW 8.16 English

Dozens of TV channels for free

Robin Hood TV 1.1.6 English

Hundreds of channels from over 20 countries

Potato Streams 8.0 English

Streams of sports matches and competitions

Xollu 1.0 English
Xollu 1.0

Free TV series and movies online with this app

Relax TV 2.1 English

IPTV app to watch TV on your phone

CkayTV 6.7 English
CkayTV 6.7

IPTV application to watch TV on Android

Anime Channel 4.36.46 English
Anime Channel 4.36.46

Complete anime series and movies

Voovi 3.6.1 English
Voovi 3.6.1

Indian VOD platform featuring original content