The best TV platform apps for Android

Take a look at all the official apps of the best subscription TV platforms to access the most popular channels and never miss out on any of your favorite programs

YouTube TV 8.08.1 English
YouTube TV 8.15.0

YouTube's television platform

SBS 2.126.2 English
SBS 2.126.2

Korean channel group makes the jump to mobile

Sling TV 9.3.57 English
Sling TV 9.3.57

Over 100 channels broadcast over the Internet

Fubo 5.13.2 English
Fubo 5.13.2

Mobile on-demand TV with movies, TV shows and sports

NOW 43.0.0 English
NOW 43.0.0

App to watch movies, TV, and sports live

WeTV English

App to watch Asian series and movies on Android

Vodafone TV 4.0.0 English

Vodafone's app for Android and for subscribers of its TV platform

JioTV 7.1.4 English
JioTV 7.1.4

Live TV with contents available up to 7 days later

MAXstream 3.1.11 English
MAXstream 3.1.11

Enjoy TV channels of all kinds

MEGOGO 4.9.10 English
MEGOGO 4.9.10

Movies and TV for the whole family

Blaze TV 1.9 English

Enjoy your favorite on-demand TV programs

Discovery Go 3.49.0 English
Discovery Go 3.49.0

The documentary channel in mobile format

Pluto TV 5.40.0 English
Pluto TV 5.40.0

Hundreds of online TV channels to watch for free on your mobile

GLWiZ 2.3.5 English
GLWiZ 2.3.5

TV service for Iranian public

Star+ 2.23.0-rc3 English
Star+ 2.23.0-rc3

Disney's streaming service aimed at an adult audience

Voot TV 4.5.3 English
Voot TV 4.5.3

Viacom's TV in India

Xumo Play 4.2.7 English
Xumo Play 4.2.7

Platform with hundreds of TV channels

StarTimes ON 6.11 English

Series, films, television, and sports for Africa

Tamasha 3.1.5 English
Tamasha 3.1.5

Pakistani streaming platform featuring a wide range of content

SonyLIV 6.15.52 English
SonyLIV 6.15.52

All India's TV channels, now online

Samsung TV Plus English
Samsung TV Plus

TV app for Samsung phone users

UseeTV GO 8.6.1 English
UseeTV GO 8.6.1

On-demand TV and video platform

Sun NXT 2.1.91-1 English
Sun NXT 2.1.91-1

The Indian TV and movie provider

Frndly TV 2.0 English

Streaming service to watch TV on your smartphone

SHAHID 7.60.3 English
SHAHID 7.60.3

The main video on-demand video platform in the Arab world

[adult swim] 3.1.2020000005 English
[adult swim] 3.1.2020000005

The official app of adult entertainment

Orion TV 4.0.0 English
Orion TV 4.0.0

Free-to-air channels from different European countries

discovery+ India 17.30.6 English

The application to exclusively enjoy the Discovery Channel

Zattoo 2.2407.1 English
Zattoo 2.2407.1

Legal service to watch several TV channels 2.5.4 English 2.5.4

Movies and television streaming platform

FOX NOW 3.52.5 English
FOX NOW 3.52.5

Enjoy live and on-demand content from FOX on your Android

Animal Planet Go 3.0.28 English

The channel for animal documentaries hits smartphones

KOCOWA 1.5.51 English
KOCOWA 1.5.51

Enjoy your favorite K-dramas on your smartphone

History 3.3.6 English
History 3.3.6

All the history channel content on your smartphone

Comedy Central 147.106.1 English
Comedy Central 147.106.1

Enjoy the famous comedy channel on your Android

Seezn 06.07.02 English
Seezn 06.07.02

Korean online TV platform 5.35 English 5.35

Platform for movies, documentaries, and cultural programs

Telemundo 9.8.0 English
Telemundo 9.8.0

The app from the US Spanish-language TV channel

The NBC App 9.6.0 English

Live broadcast and on-demand content from NBC and its media group

Freeform English

The official app of the U.S. television channel

MagellanTV 1.1.66 English
MagellanTV 1.1.66

Enjoy top documentaries on your Android

Philo 5.13.7-82450 English
Philo 5.13.7-82450

Enjoy the best American television

Player 5.1.5 English
Player 5.1.5

Polish platform for television, movies, and series

Xfinity Stream TV English

The TV streaming app for this service

AMC English

The official app of the North American TV channel


AT&T's on-demand TV app

Mirchi Plus 2.11.2 English
Mirchi Plus 2.11.2

Bollywood news, information, and resources

High Octane TV 5.2.2 English

Streaming platform dedicated to the automotive world

WOW Presents Plus 8.200.1 English

Streaming platform dedicated to LGBTQ+ programming

Showtime Anytime 3.10 English

The Showtime streaming service

AntelTV 3.1.7 English
AntelTV 3.1.7

Entertainment streaming platform

OSN+ 6.45.1 English
OSN+ 6.45.1

Enjoy the Arab channel's content on your mobile

VH1 99.106.0 English
VH1 99.106.0

The TV channel in a mobile format

Fox Nation 3.46 English

The FOX platform with its own documentaries and shows

Watch TBS 7.11.0 English
Watch TBS 7.11.0

On-demand TBS content

Watch OWN 2.18.5 English
Watch OWN 2.18.5

The app for the Oprah Winfrey on-demand video platform

Spectrum TV English
Spectrum TV

Take your channels and your on demand TV with you at all times

Lifetime 6.1.1 English
Lifetime 6.1.1

The TV channel's content now on your Android

AIS PLAY English

Application of the Thai on demand online television platform

TBN 7.206.1 English
TBN 7.206.1

The app of the evangelical Christian channel

CBS 12.0.34 English
CBS 12.0.34

The American television network's official app

NAVER NOW 5.3.3 English

Enjoy South Korean television

ipla 4.10.7 English
ipla 4.10.7

The app from the biggest Internet TV provider in Poland

AbemaTV 10.73.0 English
AbemaTV 10.73.0

Japanese platform of online TV contents on demand

Virgin TV Go 4.33.0 English
Virgin TV Go 4.33.0

App to watch Virgin TV on your portable device

Agile TV English
Agile TV

The online TV app from Yoigo