The best TV apps for children on Android

Thanks to these apps full of contents for kids, appropriate for all audiences, your children can now watch their favorite cartoons, series and programs straight on their phone

Pokémon TV 3.2.0 English

Unpublished Pokémon episodes and more

DisneyNOW English

The app to enjoy Disney channels' content

Discovery Kids 1.13.0 English

The offical Discovery Channel app for kids

Nick 55.109.2 English
Nick 55.109.2

The official app for watching all of the Nickelodeon series

Nick Jr. 1.0.23 English
Nick Jr. 1.0.23

Play with Nickelodeon characters and watch chapters

Cartoon Network 3.9.8-20200212 English
Cartoon Network 3.9.8-20200212

The Android cartoon TV channel app

BabyTV English

Cartoon series and mini-games for kids

Disney Channel 2.37 English

Enjoy watching the Disney Channel series online

ChuChu TV 5.2.1 English
ChuChu TV 5.2.1

Video and song application for children

Nickelodeon Play 2.9.0 English

Play with your favorite Nickelodeon characters

Kartoon Channel! 1.1 English

Cartoon app for kids

LEGO TV 4.3.9 English
LEGO TV 4.3.9

The LEGO video and series app

Pocoyo TV 4.1 English

50 episodes of Pocoyo on your Android