The best apps to watch TV for free on Android

Get free access to any TV channel from around the world thanks to this selection of IPTV apps with which you enjoy the best television content from almost any country

Mobdro 2.2.8 English
Mobdro 2.2.8

Old TV glory on Android

Hotstar 12.4.9 English
Hotstar 12.4.9

The best programs, sports, and movies from India

MegaTV Player 1.3.4 English

App to watch TV for free on Android

You TV Player 41 English

Hundreds of TV channels on your mobile

FreeFlix TV 1.0.9 English

Movies, sports, series, radio, all the services you need in one place

elMubashir IPTV 6.6.8 English

App to watch IPTV and local media

MTTV 3.1.1381 English
MTTV 3.1.1381

Application for watching free TV

Snappy Streamz 2.0 English

Plenty of TV by country and genre

e-DoctorIPTV 6.43 English

Tune into TV channels from all over the world on your phone

New World TV WTV-B-20170306 English
New World TV WTV-B-20170306

App with TV channels from around the world

WATCHED 1.8.3 English

An IPTV list mediaplayer

Genius Stream 2.3 English

IPTV app with channels from all over the world

USA TV and Radio 2.20 English

Enjoy US TV and radio on your mobile

IPTV 6.1.11 English
IPTV 6.1.11

Watch any TV channel in the world

Pluto TV 5.25.0 English
Pluto TV 5.25.0

Hundreds of TV channels over the Internet on your phone

OTR PLAYER 5.0.1 English

An IPTV multimedia content provider

Star Gold TV 1.0.0 English

Indian movies and series totally free

Blue TV 1.5.1 English
Blue TV 1.5.1

IPTV platform for watching TV on Android

Hyfytv 38 English
Hyfytv 38

TV, movies, and sports from India and Russia

Lxtream Player 1.2.6 English

IPTV in a great player

FORJA Plus TV English

Tune into hundreds of free TV channels

Flix IPTV 3.8 English

IPTV list player compatible with smartphones and smart TVs

ZalTV 1.3.2 English
ZalTV 1.3.2

Application for watching IPTV list channels

Sybla TV 1.0.11 English
Sybla TV 1.0.11

Free TV on your Android

Relax TV 2.1 English

IPTV app to watch TV on your phone

DuplexPlay 1.2.428 English
DuplexPlay 1.2.428

App for watching TV by adding IPTV lists

UKTVNOW 8.16 English

Dozens of TV channels for free

Live Lounge 9.0.4 English

Enjoy watching online TV and the best series and movies

Torrent Stream Controller 1.6.35 English

Tune into TV channels on your Android

IPTV Pro 1.0.9 English
IPTV Pro 1.0.9

Enjoy TV on your Android by adding channel lists

Robin Hood TV 1.1.6 English

Hundreds of channels from over 20 countries

CkayTV 6.7 English
CkayTV 6.7

IPTV application to watch TV on Android

OTT Navigator IPTV English

A simple IPTV playlist player

Live TV 1.6.4 English
Live TV 1.6.4

The best way to watch TV on your phone

TV Fabor 9.8 English

A pocket-sized TV on your Android

AlbBox Tv 1.9 English

App to watch Albanian television, series and movies in streaming

VTV 2.2.5-20191209 English
VTV 2.2.5-20191209

Television and IPTV movies

Ludio Player 2.0.0 English

Enjoy the best TV using IPTV

KrakenTV V2 1.5.0 English
KrakenTV V2 1.5.0

TV channels one tap away

Play Live TV 1.2.1 English

TV channels from all over the world on your Android

ZuFlix 0.5 English
ZuFlix 0.5

Free TV, IPTV, movies, and series

Daily IPTV m3u 15.2 English

Download M3U IPTV lists

TV 3L PC 6.0.6 English
TV 3L PC 6.0.6

Television without limits

RedIPTV 1.0.49 English
RedIPTV 1.0.49

Free live TV, cinema and music

Arabic 4ptv 15.2 English

Application for watching free television from Arab countries

Gato Tv 3.0 English
Gato Tv 3.0

Live TV, series, and movies in the same app

MegaTV Plus 1.2.5 English

Application to watch TV for free

nexGTv 5.2.00 English
nexGTv 5.2.00

App to enjoy the best television from India

Zain TV 1.2 English
Zain TV 1.2

App for watching TV from India and Pakistan

StbEmu English

Platform to configure and watch your IPTV

MobiTV 2.3 English
MobiTV 2.3

Application to watch hundreds of TV channels on Android

Embratoria TV 10.0.2 English

Control the Embratoria software on your Android.

UK TV and Radio 2.20 English

All British television and radio

ViNTERA TV 3.1.542 English
ViNTERA TV 3.1.542

Enjoy free and paid-for TV using the IPTV protocol

MEGA IPTV 1.1 English

IPTV App for Android that lets you watch free television

Daily 4PTV 16.1 English

Channels from several countries and movie premieres

Molotov 4.15.8 English
Molotov 4.15.8

Android App to watch French TV online for free

SopCast 4.2.0 English
SopCast 1.3.5

The app to watch free TV channels from all over the world

UKTV 5.13 English
UKTV 5.13

British radio and TV on your Android

DistroTV 1.55 English
DistroTV 1.55

Free and legal streaming television

10K TV 1.2 English
10K TV 1.2

Good and easy application of IPTV

Taraftar TV 6.0 English

The best Turkish TV channels on your phone

ZippyTV Xstream 1.3.4 English

App offering over 500 TV channels, series, and movies

Mr Zip TV 1.0 English

IPTV application for watching TV around the world

Runtime 14.836 English
Runtime 14.836

Streaming platform with free series, movies, and TV channels

Free TV English

Free TV on your phone

Volka TV Pro2 English
Volka TV Pro2

Dozens of TV channels from all over the world

Burma TV 10 English

IPTV app offering online sports and TV, as well as movies

TVRON 1.0.3 English
TVRON 1.0.3

Online Romanian TV channels

ProgTV 2.74.2 English
ProgTV 2.74.2

App with IPTV lists for watching TV on your Android

COCO IPTV 2.3 English

Watch the TV on your Android

Star Plus TV 2.1 English

Enjoy free TV on Android

United States IPTV 3.0.6 English

Thousands of TV channels on your Android

DaZPlayer 2.2.2 English
DaZPlayer 2.2.2

Application to watch TV on your phone

Gears TV 2.2 English

IPTV television service with access to different services

LAZY IPTV 2.56 English

App to manage lists of online TV channels

Liveflix S 2.1.0 English
Liveflix S 2.1.0

Video player compatible with W3U lists

SPB TV 1.19.5 English
SPB TV 1.19.5

Enjoy TV on your mobile

America 4ptv v15_2 English

IPTV application to watch North American channels

OnneTV 2.0 English
OnneTV 2.0

App with TV channels, movies, and series

OIPTV 2.2 English

IPTV and movie app catering for an Arab audience

Evolve TV 1.6 English

Online television for free on your phone or tablet

OttPlayer 6.0.1 English
OttPlayer 6.0.1

Add IPTV lists to your Android

YuppTV English

Television platform with more than 200 Indian channels

ZonaTV 1.7 English
ZonaTV 1.7

TV, documentaries, and online movies for free

ITV Hub 8.4.3 English
ITV Hub 8.4.3

The Android app to watch ITV channels

TVCatchup 2.3.3 English
TVCatchup 2.3.3

Tune into British TV channels on your phone

Fun Player 1.0 English

Enjoy TV on your Android with M3U lists

Lucky TV Premium 2.145.11 English
Lucky TV Premium 2.145.11

IPTV application for watching TV on your cell phone

Televizo English

Simple player for watching online TV on your mobile

TVOne 14 English
TVOne 14

Kodi add-on to watch TV

MTV 96.106.1 English
MTV 96.106.1

Access to all MTV content

Joyn 5.28.1 English
Joyn 5.28.1

The best of German TV

Aereo English

Tune into the TV channels in your area

Wolf Room 9.2 English

App for watching Turkish TV channels on your phone

Nicke85 1.2.3 English
Nicke85 1.2.3

Dozens of eastern European channels on your Kodi

TVJOS 2.9.0 English
TVJOS 2.9.0

Enjoy the best Indonesian television

Rajya Sabha TV 1.0 English

The channel of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament

All 4 6.7.4 English
All 4 6.7.4

Watch the contents of Channel 4 online and via streaming

BBC iPlayer English
BBC iPlayer

Tune into the BBC from your Android

Borg 2.1.1 English
Borg 2.1.1

Movies and TV series for Kodi

Mivo 3.26.23 English
Mivo 3.26.23

TV and videos from Indonesia

BBC Media Player 3.1.12 English

BBC's Android app