The best apps to watch TV for free on Android

Get free access to any TV channel from around the world thanks to this selection of IPTV apps with which you enjoy the best television content from almost any country

Mobdro 2.2.8 English
Mobdro 2.2.8

A selection of the best videos on the Internet

You TV Player 31 English

Thousands of TV channels on your phone

MegaTV Player 1.3.4 English

App to watch TV for free on Android

Leno TV 10.0 English
Leno TV 10.0

IPTV app for watching TV and sports for free

Live NetTV 4.8.2 English
Live NetTV 4.8.2

150 TV channels on your Android

Swift Streamz 2.1 English

Over 700 channels for free via streaming

V-SAT 2.8.0 English
V-SAT 2.8.0

Over 3,000 TV channels

Hunk TV 3.3 English
Hunk TV 3.3

App for watching movies, series and live TV

ThopTV 45.2.2 English
ThopTV 45.2.2

Thousands of TV channels from all over the planet

Hotstar 11.4.9 English
Hotstar 11.4.9

The best programs, sports, and movies from India

HD Streamz 3.3.12 English
HD Streamz 3.3.12

Free radio and TV in different countries

TV TAP 2.7 English
TV TAP 2.7

Dozens of TV channels from several countries for free

IPTV Smarters Pro English

App to watch TV on Android that works by means of lists

Gratisoe TV 11.1 English

Dozens of Indonesian and soccer channels

Live Planet TV 1.7 English

Watch TV from different countries on your smartphone or tablet

UK Turks 1.0.6 English
UK Turks 1.0.6

App for watching live TV, series, movies and other content

Snappy Streamz 2.0 English

Plenty of TV by country and genre

RedBox TV 2.1 English

Hundreds of TV channels on your Android

FreeFlix TV 1.0.8 English

Movies, sports, series, radio, all the services you need in one place

USTV 4K 6.22 English
USTV 4K 6.22

The app to watch American TV on Android

AOS TV 19.0.0 English
AOS TV 19.0.0

Live television on your Android

Abbasi TV 2.2 English

App to watch Turkish, Indian, and Pakistani TV

Star Gold TV 1.0.0 English

Indian movies and series totally free

elMubashir IPTV 6.6.8 English

App to watch IPTV and local media

Star7 Live TV 4.9 English

Basic yet efficient application to watch TV on Android

Pluto TV 5.6.0 English
Pluto TV 5.6.0

Hundreds of TV channels over the Internet on your phone

OLA TV 13.0 English
OLA TV 13.0

App with free online TV channels

Volka TV Pro2 English
Volka TV Pro2

Dozens of TV channels from all over the world

Oreo TV 2.0.0 English
Oreo TV 2.0.0

App to watch TV and movies on Android

Live Lounge 9.0.4 English

Enjoy watching online TV and the best series and movies

CkayTV 6.7 English
CkayTV 6.7

IPTV application to watch TV on Android

AlbBox Tv 1.3 English

App to watch Albanian television, series and movies in streaming

New World TV WTV-B-20170306 English
New World TV WTV-B-20170306

App with TV channels from around the world

Genius Stream 2.3 English

IPTV app with channels from all over the world

Blue TV 1.5.1 English
Blue TV 1.5.1

IPTV platform for watching TV on Android

Exodus Live TV 20.7 English

Application to watch TV on your mobile for free

UKTVNOW 8.16 English

Dozens of TV channels for free

Aliwix TV 9.8 English

Live TV on your Android

10K TV 1.2 English
10K TV 1.2

Good and easy application of IPTV

Hyfytv 38 English
Hyfytv 38

TV, movies, and sports from India and Russia